The Most Unwanted Christmas Presents

A Look at The Most Unwanted Christmas Presents

So what is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?

The Most Unwanted Christmas Presents I ever recveived

I can tell you mine without hesitation.

A few years back my husband decided to buy us a joint gift for Christmas. Something we will both use and really enjoy he said. It will really bring us closer together he told me. I envisaged a trip of the Orient Express or at the very least a lovely night out at a restaurant. I was a little surprised to see a bulky package under the tree with out name on though. Hmm tickers or vouchers normally just came in envelopes didn’t they.

So what had he bought ‘us’?

the most unwanted christmas presents


A playstation.

I read books, I like to walk and talk and craft. I never play games. I hate them. Every Friday he plays Fifa on the playstation with his best friend. We already had a PS2 and he had wanted an upgrade for a while.. Did he seriously think I was going to believe this PS3 had been bought with me in mind.

Worst present ever. Rubbish. Pah!

Research pulled together from Into The Blue (the online adventure website) has found what people really DON’T want for Christmas.They surveyed 500 men and 500 women about what they did want for Christmas and found some surprising results.

Only 7% of men said they wanted to be given aftershave and toiletries for Christmas and only 6% wanted underwear (including socks and pants.) As I always give my hubby both am now frantically rethinking!

Much as  we may think woman really would just like a big box of chocolates for Christmas only 9% of women said they would like this, with only 3% choosing lingerie.

(Just for the record I am not bothered about nice knickers but I would never turn my nose up at a big box of lovely chocolates or two )


I love hearing about the most unwanted Christmas presents people have received – do tell me yours

What has your worst ever Christmas gift been?


*Into The Blue is one of the leading UK experience day websites, offering exciting activities including wing walking and Spitfire experiences!




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