Teen Breathe Review

Today – teen breathe review

Teen breathe review, teen breathe

Teen Breathe Review

I never thought I’d be doing a Teen Breathe review aged 46 but there you go. Blogging is a strange job.

Actually this is a joint review with my teenage niece who told me what she thought of it too.

Teen Breathe is only on it’s second issue and I had seen it on IG and Facebook and I was intrigued.


teen breathe, teen breathe review


I often despair at the sexism and superficiality of magazines focussed on beauty, success and romantic relationships – whilst these issues do, of course have their place the teens I know are interested in SO much more than that.

The teens I know are articulate, curious, emotional, caring, compassionate and evolving, interested in the world, in fitness, in self care too.


teen breathe review

Magazines should reflect that and credit their intelligence and thirst for learning.

Teen Breathe is a breath of fresh air.

It is a magazine that shows respect for our teenagers and it is so much more than a magazine – it is an interactive workbook too.

Let me explain.



Teen breathe review – what’s inside?

Teen Breathe contains yoga poses, a fitness journal, a detox your weekend guide,  it tells you about phobias, gives guidance on staying safe and gossiping. It has cut out coupons for you to give to friends as gifts.

Just brilliant.

teen breathe review


My niece loved the yoga poses, the guidance for an at home spa weekend, the article on snow and all the fascinating facts around it.



She loved the crafts and the drawing ( and the space to do it in the book).


teen breathe review


She thought it was ‘really different but really good’ and said she would definitely buy it.


We both agreed it was packed with interesting, educational, useful, reflective stuff and it was brilliant you could write/draw/record things within the magazine.


How much is teen breathe?

Priced at £3.99 teen breathe is worth every penny and the best magazine I have seen for teens ..EVER! and it will get them off screens which can only be a good thing right.



teen breathe

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  1. October 30, 2017 / 17:30

    Oh – am sold. Going to buy now, and sharing with friends too.

  2. Melly
    November 23, 2017 / 16:11

    Just bought it for my 12 nearly 13 year old…. fingers crossed 🙂

  3. August 11, 2018 / 16:12

    This magazine sounds amazing. I am wondering what age Teenager this magazine is aimed at ? Is it aimed at the pubescent teen or the uncertain mid teen ? I have a niece who is 15.. I have purchased a copy of the adult Breathe magazine which is really interesting too. But this would be too old for her. Very useful for me as a Holistic Therapist though – I think I will be recommending it to many of my clients !

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