The benefits of a VPN

Today – The benefits of a VPN

Today we are going to look at the many benefits of a VPN and I think before I even get started it is important to define what  a VPN is:


The benefits of a VPN

What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. These were initially designed for large organisations where employees needed to connect to a certain computer from different locations. When I worked for social services a corporate VPN is what we would hook up to.


The benefits of a VPN

There are a multitude of benefits of using a VPN whether you are an individual or a business let’s have a look!


It allows you to access geo-limited businesses/ websites

If you are trying to work with a company whose online content is geo-restricted, then using a VPN can help you bypass such restrictions and enable it to seem like you are from that country. For example, a website that allows US users only, as a lot of sites have been doing this in retaliation to not wanting to adhere to GDPR laws from the EU. This can be very handy. It can work the other way too enabling your colleagues to access your network from anywhere they may be.


You can access any online content

A VPN can mask your IP address, and replace it with one from a different country. This can help if you are in a country with internet censorship or if you are trying to stream a TV show not yet available in your country!  A VPN enables you to get past any geographical blocks thus giving you access to any website or online services you want.


Online privacy

A VPN can hide your IP address thus enabling you to access the internet without being trackable. This can be really important to people who want to exercise their right to speak freely and protect their privacy.


Online security

Many VPN’s have strong encryption and keep zero logs (so your usage cannot be given away even if that company would want to) – making it fantastic for privacy and really protecting you form being hacked or your data being stolen. This makes a VPN incredibly useful and great for internet security too.


A little VPN flight hack

Did you know you could use a VPN to buy cheap airline tickets that are normally only reserved for those who live in the area local to the airline or possibly, in poorer countries? It is very common for airline operators to offer different prices depending on your location. So, in order to get an affordable flight ticket, you can look for a country that has a low cost of living then compare it with the one you live in, connect through a VPN and you might be able to get your ticket cheaper.


How to choose the best free VPN

So, as you can see a VPN is a great option for protecting your privacy, encrypting your data, and changing your location.

There are over 300 VPN’s on the market, so you really do want to have a good look at what is right for you. Here is a list of some Free VPNs that you can try before you buy which is of course always the most sensible option.



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