The best time to book flights and where to head to

The best time to book flights

2017 has just begun and you may be looking for a great way to kick it off, i fso what could be better than booking a flight to one of the most desirable destinations in the world. It has to be a better option than crying about going back to work?


 best time to book flights


Deciding where to go however is not as easy as it seems: nowadays we have too many choices, too many airlines companies, too many booking sites etcetera, so maybe it is better to go old-fashioned and take a glance at what the other people in the UK like the most.

Opodo has just published a great new survey, in which you can find a lot of useful information that can help you booking the best flight at the cheapest price possible. Beside that you can also find interesting statistics about the most popular destinations from the UK, in the UK and in Europe.

For example, Opodo travellers picked London as the first place they like to visit, followed right up by Edinburgh and Birmingham. If you are looking to maybe visit a city in Europe instead, you might be willing to know that your fellow travellers picked Amsterdam as their first choice; Paris comes second and Amsterdam third.

If you are looking for a more challenging trip, you might want to take a look at the most popular destinations all around the world: the top three positions are taken by New York, Dubai and Hong Kong; forth and fifth, and not too far from the top three, are Toronto and Bangkok.

So, whether you are planning to spend your holidays in the UK, or you are more exotic traveller eager to discover  new cultures and have new experiences,  you now have all the information you need.

Nows the time to go ahead and book the holiday of your dreams!











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