The best way to send your parcels

I do a lot of product reviews across my various blogs particularly my home and interiors blogs A Beautiful Space and Thrifty Home. I love receiving parcels and I get excited every time!

Parcel delivery can be a bit of a problem however and can leave me most frustrated and annoyed.

Until recently, if I was out,  parcels kept getting left with the chap across the road and I would get a note through my letterbox telling me where they were . However he goes away a lot and often I didn’t then get my parcel for a week.  I have to say I had really no idea why someone would take your parcel in if they were going away for a week ! I got my nerve up to asking him to stop taking them in when I realised he had moved. Oh well. At least it won’t happen any more.

Other times we have been out when parcels have been delivered so they have been shoved in the bin (for safe keeping????) Once it was a food parcel…. DISGUSTING.


The best way to send your parcels

More recently I had a flower delivery sent by Royal Mail. I wasn’t in so they took it back to their depot.  Not realising it was a fresh flower delivery I left it several days before I collected it. Oh the smell of rotting flowers was horrid! If only they had written on the card it was fresh flowers, they couldnt have missed it, fresh flowers was stamped all over the parcel.

So yes, receiving parcel deliveries can really be problematic – sending parcels can be too.

I get most confused about the best options to send parcels, their weight who to use, who is cheaper etc. I tend to send birthday gifts by post, sometimes overseas, but sometimes it is bigger parcels I send such as  when I am returning goods, for example.

My Parcel Delivery  is a great website that makes all this a little easier. At My Parcel Delivery you can compare parcel delivery prices. Basically you have direct access to 14 different, top name couriers and  you can compare prices between international, next day, economy, timed, Saturday or even same day delivery services. I love that; loads of choice in one place and you get the best deal. Perfect for us thrifty types!

You can also save up to 75% compared to the Royal Mail due to deals My Parcel Delivery have negotiated. The courier will collect from your door (hurray!)  and there is a wide choice of next day, same day, 2 day and international delivery.Great news for those of others who want our parcels delivering at the best price and with a service that suits our needs. I love that it is a one stop shop and you can access so many couriers through one website and book directly.

So that’s my parcel sending problems sorted!

Now over to you … I would like to hear about any experiences you have had with parcel delivery. I am sure none can be as bad as my smelly flowers…ick!




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