The easiest cheapest way to keep your family sofa clean

As the focal point of your lounge or living room, your sofa is the natural gathering point for your entire family, which means it can often end up taking the brunt of family life. Whether it’s being dirtied by muddy shoes, jumped on by energetic pets or children, or providing a convenient blank canvas for certain… creative endeavours with pens and crayons, it’s fair to say that your sofa can go through a lot. (And let’s be honest, grown-ups aren’t exempt from making the occasional mess either, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to tackle those tougher wine or coffee stains!)

Some of these stains can be easy enough to deal with, but others can be an absolute nightmare to try and get out. When you’re scrubbing away with baking sofa and some elbow grease, it’s hard not to find yourself thinking: there’s got to be a better way to do it than this. 

Well, if you’re a regular follower of the blog, you’ll know that I’m pretty passionate about making things finding stuff that makes things easier and cheaper when it comes to keeping your home clean. And that’s where removable sofa covers come in!



keep your family sofa clean



What are fitted sofa covers?

Exactly what they sound like! Removable sofa covers are basically pieces of fabric that have been tailor-made to suit an individual sofa, and can be fitted and removed whenever you like. Why remove them, you might ask? Well, some people like to change up the appearance of their sofas in keeping with the seasons, for example when changing their decor from a dark, rich winter aesthetic to a lighter and airier spring look.

Not every style switchover is motivated by the seasons – it’s not unusual for people to own two sets of sofa covers in separate styles. That’s ideal if you’re not able to make a decision of which style you like, as you can just switch them whenever you please!

You’ve already guessed their biggest benefit though – they’re hugely useful in helping to keep your sofa clean. 


keep your family sofa clean


How do removable sofa covers make cleaning easier?

For the same reason that any kind of removable cover makes washing easier – fitted sofa covers can take the brunt of any stains or marks, while your actual sofa remains safely shielded underneath. Here are some of the major ways they can save you stress.


  • They’re machine washable. This is perhaps the most crucial one, helping to provide you with maximum peace of mind. Should the worst happen with spilled drinks, smeared foods, or any number of messes, fixing the issue is quick and easy. Now all you have to do is remove the cover and pop it into the washing machine, which will make short work of most marks and stains. 


  • They save you money and time buying other cleaning materials. Cleaning your fitted sofa cover means that you don’t have to spend time going out and buying extra baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, or additional specialist cleaning products. Just put it straight into the washing machine, and that’s the job done!


  • They’re budget friendly. New sofa covers can be picked up quite cheaply, so if ever you encounter a particularly stubborn mark or stain that just refuses to shift, you can simply buy a replacement sofa cover rather than a whole new sofa – which can end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.


These are just the basics of course – who knows, you might discover even more specific ways in which they can make your own life easier! Best of all, they’re available in a wide variety of styles to suit your tastes, so you’ve got plenty of freedom in choosing exactly how you want your sofas to look.

In the meantime though, perhaps it’s worth thinking about putting all those biros on higher shelves… and keep that box of crayons where you can see them!


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