The perfect first laptop for secondary school

Last week I was sent the perfect first laptop for secondary school.

It is great for homework, taking notes and using the internet.It is a really a tough 2-in-1 notebook with detachable screen. It’s so tough it  actually passed a 1.2 metre drop test where competitors failed. Really important with kids.

Specially my two!

first laptop for secondary school.

It costs just £149 which is pretty amazing too.

Venturer have introduced  2 new 2-in-1 mini notebooks this month, the BravoWin 10KT and EliteWin 11KT, equipped with Windows 10 and Office 365 or Office Mobile.

We reviewed the BravoWin 10KT.

I decided to be super brave and try and set it all up myself  which incredibly I managed to do with no problems at all. This says a lot for being easy to use because I normally leave all this to my OH!

It is a convertible tablet with a detachable smart keyboard that has a pressure sensing trackpad which clips on magnetically. This enables it to be used as a stand-alone tablet or quickly transformed into a laptop.

I find that really useful. I like a keyboard but sometimes a tablet is more convenient.


I am not very tecchy but  I have to tell you everything I needed was on this little laptop – all the ports and all the software.It also has an 8 hour battery life and is a really nice size.

Perfect for my handbag actually And absolutely ideal for travelling. I love that I can blog and watch videos on train journeys really easily form the same device.  we are off on a really long train journey to Scotland soon and this is most definitely coming with us. The size is just great if you have to share a table with someone. It would also be perfect for a student’s desk as they would have plenty of room for books  etc. too.

Look how dinky it is …

lap top

I can absolutely see how it is  ideal as a first tablet for students heading to secondary school, college, university or even home use. I love the  sleek, light weight design, and long battery life. This might be targeted at students but actually it’s perfect for me too!

My daughter and I used it perched on the table when we were crafting from a you tube video at the weekend. It worked brilliantly as it took up so little room and the keyboard made searching really easy. She really liked it because she found the keyboard much easier to use than typing on a tablet…or having to rush back to my PC every five minutes to find the next instruction.

I have used it for recipes too as it is a handy size for a worktop and I have Skyped my BFF from the garden on it too. It has a great camera.

So yes a big thumbs up from us.

It’s our handbag/homework/travelling/crafting/recipe laptop!


Available for £149.99 from Amazon



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