The problem with glasses

The problem with glasses from my point of view

Do you wear glasses?

I wore glasses for years and years before having surgery on my eyes.


To be fair it was the 1970’s


The problem with glasses

I have to say I like glasses. I think they can look cool and stylish ( see above!)  and well they enable you to see so a big thumbs up for glasses from me. On the whole though glasses have caused me rather a lot of problems in my life. Not significant ones, but niggly ones.

I had some very fetching pink national health specs from the age of about 3. They were adorned by a large plaster over one of the lenses do to my ‘wandering eye’ not the best of looks. But I rather loved those pink glasses, they enable d me to see which was such a  blessing after a smoky fug of vision and even double vision when I was tired.  I could see my mum’s kind face and I could see the words I was expected to read and that was all kinds of useful and good.

I do remember having a little argument with the boy next door who was going to hit me. ‘You can’t hit girls in glasses’ I shouted at him, ‘well take them of then he said’. ‘Shan’t.’ I retorted and ran off sticking my tongue out. I was most grateful for my glasses that day!

The only times they really bothered me as youngster was when it was suddenly warm after cold air and they would fog up, or when I was playing sport and it rained aggghhh! Suddenly I would have no clue where that netball was. Swimming was an issue as I would struggle to see too well in the pool and later when I had self defence classes they got knocked off once or twice too!

Pink glasses finally gave way to brown which were a tad cooler.

Then when I was about 14 I got my first ever pair of non NHS glasses and they were HUGE! Think Deirdre Barlow in Corrie. I really thought they were great for about 3 months till they went horribly out of fashion and I was stuck with them for ages! They covered half my face.  Trends in glasses do mean expensive frames can need require changing regularly ( if you care about such things.)

Another issue I always had with glasses? Oh my goodness the amount of pairs I broke. I would sit on them, stand on them, bend them out of shape whilst playing with them. So many times my glasses were held together by sellotape as they sat precarious and wonky on my face.

Oh and then there were the (many) time I would lose my glasses. So many.

And then when it came to starting to practice kissing? My huge glasses just gave me another thing to worry about.

I never thought about having laser eye surgery back in those days it was probably not even invented! I hankered after contact lenses. They were expensive and pretty new and all sorts of exciting. I finally got them when I was 18 but they bought with them their own problems. See contact lenses UK for some fab lenses

I will share my contact lens stories another day!


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