The smartphone games capable of keeping your kids entertained

The smartphone games capable of keeping your kids entertained


Not everyone can afford extremely expensive PlayStation 5 consoles and hugely powerful gaming laptops for their kids, which is where smartphone gaming comes in. If you’re keen to save money but also provide your little terrors with some virtual entertainment along the way, then smartphone gaming is a fantastic alternative to the ludicrously expensive console devices of today.


Smartphone gaming is generally free or incredibly cheap, with in-game purchases costing a minuscule amount compared to buying a console title or even a controller to actually play a game. The sheer amount of smartphone games available means that there is a game for everyone, too. Even parents around the world are tucking into popular slots in the heart of the jungle-like Panther Pays, while others can’t seem to get enough of the usual brain teasers and puzzle releases that regularly do the rounds. For kids, the options are arguably even more comprehensive. Some games feature educational aspects, while others provide fun that will keep them entertained during the most tiresome of car journeys. Below is a look at some solid options.


Pokemon Go

One of the biggest games in recent times, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality offering makes it a truly fun outdoor gaming experience for kids. You’ll want to join in on this one, too, as you explore your environment in search of an array of Pokemon to fill up your Pokédex. You can also battle against fellow trainers, take down gyms, complete a variety of challenges, and even trade Pokemon captures with friends. 

Ideal for active parents, this game encourages kids to get outside and exercise. They can walk to hatch eggs and catch all 18 types of Pokemon




The Endless kids games

A collection of kids games only available on android, The Endless kids games features an array of educational titles which are relatively simple to play. Options include Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, Endless Alphabet, and Endless Reader. The games do include some in-app purchases to be made, but they’re a fraction of the cost of many other entertainment options out there and will enable your child to learn new things while being entertained along the way.


Mission to Mars AR

Available on both iOS and android, Mission to Mars AR is an augmented reality app that pairs together exploration and facts in what is a truly immersive and educational game for any budding NASA directors in the family. In the game, players can launch rockets, explore planets, and even sample its amazing ‘7 minutes of terror’ landing sequence.




The smartphone games capable of keeping your kids entertained


Most people have heard of Minecraft, but not everyone is aware that it is now available on mobile. One of the most popular games ever, players start off in a blank world and essentially build it up to their liking. You can add buildings, find weapons, and even try your hand at survival mode. The game is free but does include in-app purchases, although they’re most definitely worth it.


LEGO games

Most kids love LEGO, right? If your little bundle of joy is one of them, then LEGO games are a fantastic option to keep them stimulated. Boasting a variety of titles, the games on offer include comic book games and Star Wars games which are both fun and entertaining while also being easy to grasp. Most of the games are completely free to play, too, making it a fantastic money-saving entertainment option.

Other popular smartphone games for kids include Pet Bingo, Toca Boca games, Zen Studio: Finger Painting, Mario Kart Tour, Toca Kitchen 2, Llama Spit Spit, Crossy Road, Frisbee Forever 2, and Fruit Ninja.


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