Thoughts of a Bedroom Makeover

My thoughts keep straying to my bedroom and the state it’s in. It gets me down. I’d love to be able to relax in there, find what I need quickly and easily, feel like its a lovely place to be. We won’t be starting our makeover there for a while in fact it’s probably the last room in the list. But it’s probably the room I want to change the most.  Isn’t it the way when you have kids, your stuff always gets left to last?

 During the process of deciding to revamp our house I visit website and after website showing off the kind of interiors I dream of and I see the most amazing bedrooms furnishings.

My current bedroom ( a bit like the rest of our house actually) is long in need of a good paint, it’s been about 8 years and even then I think we did a quick one cheap coat of paint job. I used to love the wooden floor in there but now I long for it to be carpeted, to feel soft and warm under my feet.

It also needs some fresh bed linen and curtains and I’m thinking light neutral colours. I want an oasis of pretty calm, quiet and a huge, HUGE declutter.

It ends up being a bit of  a storage room for un-put away laundry, dolls and cuddly toys, half drunks cups of tea, spectacles, half read books, discarded school uniform and bags of odd socks. The wicker basket that stores the bed linen overflows. The bedroom tables are tiny and swamped in ‘stuff’ it is a disaster at present.

I think it is in its present state as only we go in so we can just ‘leave it’ and because we are trying to make the rest of the house look ordered and tidy and end up putting anything stray in our room.  Gosh we need help!

I resolve to do better next year!

I think this is what we need to before we even get to the decorating /makeover stage

1.       Declutter and tidy up – get rid of all those socks!

2.       Have a really good clean

3.       Take a new approach to loving that room too and showing it daily care  (note 12 and 3 are all very budget options to a makeover but essential!)

4.       See about better storage in there perhaps a bigger blanket box

5.       Look at pricing up a bed with drawers

6.       Consider a basket to store left behind books and toys so they can easily be delivered back to the kids rooms 

 Lots to think about before we get to decorating and making over our bedroom!   



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  1. antoinette . (@divasupermum)
    December 21, 2012 / 21:59

    sounds like my bedroom, always the last one to painted, could do with a declutter, its my next big job too.

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