Top Tips for choosing the right Bathroom Faucet for your home

Choosing the right Bathroom Faucet

As typical properties feature an array of different faucets in many rooms, it can be easy to confuse some of them. Even within the bathroom alone, there is the possibility that bath and shower faucets will be present in addition to sink faucets, and bidet faucets too. And to confuse you even further, there are several different types of each faucet available dependent on the style of other bathroom fixtures.

Top Tips for choosing the right Bathroom Faucet for your home

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom sink faucets are amongst the most important components to consider in your home, as every bathroom needs one. No matter whether a compact bathroom or large, luxurious space, a sink faucet is always required, and should be chosen in consideration of the type of sink or basin you have.

For instance, vessel sinks necessitate a unique faucet with a higher spout, given that they sit atop of a counter. The position of the spout enables it to comfortably reach the sink, and wall-mounted versions of this particular design are also available which can help in that regard too. Certain sinks offer clues with regards to their suitability for your space via the inclusion of pre-drilled faucet holes, and you should choose accordingly.

Basins or sinks can be pre-drilled to accommodate double or single-handle faucets, with industry standard faucet inlet holes measuring four inches apart. However, with larger bathrooms now increasingly prominent, certain holes have increased in size to reach up to eight inches. Sinks typically offer the best aesthetics within the bathroom, so it is well worth selecting a sink faucet that channels your personally preferred style.

Bath and Shower Faucets

As with sink options, your bath and shower faucet choice may be influenced by the positioning and size of pre-drilled holes. Should you have holes drilled for shower faucet handles, this will eliminate the possibility of installing a single-handle faucet, unless you are also prepared to make adjustments to your tiling. You should consider that one-handle faucets are amongst the easiest to use, as pressure and heat can be adjusted in a single motion. For households with children, for example, these type of faucets are far simpler to operate than their traditional two-handle counterparts.

For luxury spaces featuring an air or whirlpool tub, there are specialized faucets on the market in both single and double-handed designs. If you’re looking to add a true sense of elegant style, waterfall faucets are a stunning option, and available in a range of different finishes to complement any surrounding décor.

Bathroom Bidet Faucets

Bathroom bidet faucets represent another component supplied in both single and double-handed styles, and when choosing the right option for your requirements, it is essential to work out the amount of pre-drilled holes and which type of faucet is suitable for your bidet. After you’ve identified if you require a single or double handed model, you can then select a design well suited to your surrounding décor and other fixtures and finishes.

No matter what type or style of faucet you eventually opt for, you should thoroughly research before committing to buy. This way, you can be assured of the quality of your product, and enjoy use of a stylish and practical commodity for many a year.


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