Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

Let’s take a look today at ways to bond with teenage kids.

Sometimes it may seem like your teenager lives on a different planet. However, that is far from the truth. Your teen is in a transition from childhood to adulthood. Make this time special by sharing fun activities with them.




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Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

But what can you do as a parent to bond with teenage kids? Here are some ideas


Family game night

No matter what age your children are a family game night is a great way to reconnect. Get together with your teenager, designate a game night, and choose a game to play together. Chooses from old fashioned board games, video games, or games that can be played on the Wii.


Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids


Sporting events

Attending sporting events together is a great way to bond with your teenager. If your teenager plays sports, attending their games shows your support and increases their self-confidence.

Sporting events also offer wonderful teaching opportunities. Although your teenager will probably never admit it, he or she is watching your behaviour. Show them the importance of good sportsmanship by refraining from talking bad about the other team’s players or yelling at the referees. By being a good sport and a good role model, you are helping to shape your teen’s behaviour.


Cook together as a  Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

Everyone has to eat. So, why not make preparing a meal a special time with your teenager? It doesn’t matter if your teen is a girl or a boy. Cooking a meal together can help strengthen family bonds. You and your teen can talk about everyday issues or important matters while preparing the family meal. Cooking is also a basic survival skill that your teenage can use in the immediate future. So, encourage your teen to help choose the menu. Then, grab the necessary ingredients and let the bonding begin.


Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids



Teenagers love going to the movies. Going to the movies together is another way to spend quality time with your teenager. So, pick a movie that you can both enjoy and head off to the theater.



Start a scrapbook with your teen. The scrapbook can be a family scrapbook or one dedicated just to your teenager and his or her interests. It doesn’t matter which type of scrapbook you and your teenager decide to make. It’s doing it together that counts.


Family video is a great Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids

Today’s teenagers are a part of the technological age. Tap into some of that technology by making a fun video with your teenager. The video can be about your family or a mock music video of their favourite song.

Ways to Bond with Teenage Kids



Community Service as Ways to Bond with your Teenage Kids

Get your teenager in the giving spirit. Teach them the importance of giving back to the community by getting them involved in community service projects. Volunteering not only helps the community, but it helps to build your teens character, teaches them to work ethics, gives them a sense of self-worth, and builds family bonds. So, set a good example. Find a project in your area that you can do with them.  

Make your child’s teenage years special. Reconnect with them by sharing fun activities with them.


I do hope you enjoyed this post on ways to bond with Teenage Kids – it is so important to keep the connection going. 



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