What are the Benefits of Collagen in Your Diet?

In the beauty and anti-ageing niches, the word collagen is constantly rattling the grapevines. Mostly because scientists have already proven just how critical component collagen is for the health of our connective tissues and the many other befits it has on our body. Most importantly to those that want to maintain youthful-looking skin and body, collagen provides structure to the skin and strengthens bones.


Benefits of Collagen in Your Diet


How can you increase your collagen intake?

You can take collagen supplements to increase your intake or eat foods rich in collagen. Collagen is a natural substance produced by the breakdown of connective tissues in the body. Some people may not produce enough collagen on their own, so they must rely on collagen from outside sources, and food or supplements are the perfect solutions. Alternatively, you could combine both.

Supplements: It is the collagen peptides that deliver collagen to your body. They come from small pieces of protein that derive from animal collagen. By breaking down collagen proteins, scientists have been able to produce these collagen peptides and add them to supplements, which is a popular method to boost collagen. You only need to look at the latest beauty magazines or online publications to grasp the industry buzz surrounding these supplements. You will find them available in powder, liquid, or capsule forms taken orally.

One of the key advantages of supplements is that they are hydrolyzed, and consequently, it is easier for the body to digest. Also, before choosing a supplement is important to know that it can contain one type of collagen or up to five types of collagen.

Food: It is also easy to add collagen to food, plus in collagen-rich foods, there are other nutrients that help kick-start the body’s collagen production and maximise the benefits of collagen-rich foods. Those nutrients include vitamin C and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect collagen stores from damage. Foods high in collagen content include meat, fish, eggs, and bone broth.


Some of the benefits of including collagen in your diet

There are multiple benefits to including collagen in your diet via food or supplements. Below are just a few key advantages, and once you read them, our best guess is you will almost certainly want to look for ways you can increase your collagen intake.

Smoother Skin: Increasing collagen intake improves skin moisture, elasticity, and hydration. These are critical components of healthy-looking skin. Most of us buy moisturisers to gain these benefits. However, imagine adding collagen to your diet along with using moisturiser. The combined effects will have your skin looking brighter, healthier, and younger.

Maintain Bone Density: There are multiple advantages to maintaining bone density. Bone density is important for your facial structure and for posture. As we age, we lose bone density and the surrounding skin sags. Including collagen in your diet slows the process.

When you combine these two benefits of boosting collagen in your body, you gain from more elasticity in your skin, meaning younger looking skin, and bone support for your skin and posture. As a result, collagen has two powerful anti-aging effects. On top of this, including collagen in your diet has other health benefits such as improved gut health as well as improved heart health, pumping more oxygen around your body.


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