What Is E-Cig Vapour

E-cigarettes produce vapour, which is inhaled by the user. The vapour is created when the e-cig heats up the liquid that’s inside of it, and then the vapour is inhaled and exhaled. With that said, we’ll discuss how this vapour is formed, as well as what it is made out of.

What Is E-Cig Vapour


What Is E-Cig Vapour

The vapour is created by e-liquid, which is heated up by the cartridge, which contains a coil. When the liquid is heated up, the vapour is inhaled after the user sucks on the mouthpiece. After the vapour is inhaled, the user then exhales it either through their nose or their mouth.

The vapour kind of looks like a puff of cloud when it’s exhaled. The vapour is mainly made of small drops of water, which immediately evaporates after it is released into the air. It takes only a few seconds for this to happen.

There are other ingredients that are in e-cig vapour, and this includes water, nicotine, propylene glycol, flavourings and vegetable glycerin. If you want to find out more about what ingredients are used to make vapour, then feel free to check out our website. You’ll also learn about the process involved with making it.

The vapour that e-cigs produce is actually aerosol, which is the substance that binds together before it enters the air and breaks apart. This is the technical term for vapour, but vapour is the more popular term that people use. In fact, the words vapour and vaping are widely used throughout the industry, and it has been this way for the last 10+ years. In short, the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Does It Smell

Whatever flavour of liquid you are vaping is what the vapour will smell like. However, vapour doesn’t leave smells behind when it hits the air and evaporates, which also means it will not attach itself to objects. This is not the case with smoke, and this also means you can use an e-cig indoors without worrying about your furniture or clothes being affected.


How Long the Vapour Does Lasts

As you know by now, the vapour goes away after it hits the air, and it only takes a few seconds for this to happen. The length of time it will remain in the air really depends on the weather. The vapour may last in the air for a bit longer on humid days.

Another factor is the ingredients in the e-liquid. The vapour will likely evaporate very fast when the liquid contains a high percentage of PG because this creates thinner clouds. If you have a high percentage of VG, then the vapour will last a bit longer. When we say a bit longer, we only mean a few seconds longer.


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