What my home says about me

Psychologists call the subconscious way we develop our living spaces ‘behavioural residue’ reflecting our behaviours, values and choices over time.

Insurance brand Hiscox  are working on a campaign based on psychology in the home with TV personality and celebrity psychologist Dr Linda. They asked me if I would like to send them a photo and some words about an object that was meaningful to me from my home.

I sent off a photo of my yellow jug and some thoughts to Dr Linda for analysis. This what I wrote:

Mums jug

This jug belonged to my mum and when she passed away 4 years ago it’s one of the only things I had from her house. I absolutely adored her and spent a lot of time with her. Her death was sudden and to be honest I still find it very hard to accept she’s gone. This jug is regularly filled with flowers which makes me think of her life and our home as a child where my dad always bought her flowers.

What Doctor Linda said about my yellow jug

This is such a beautiful jug and the fact that its used to hold flowers is kind of a celebration of life- its not just an object that sits there, its something that is looked at, used, engaged with. This is a wonderful thing to do with mementos handed down to us from people that we love. The act of using a precious item makes it easier to remember and engage with that person that left it to us even after they’re gone.

She is so spot on!

I really do believe in celebrating my mums life as it is my very best and happiest way of coping with my loss.

Dr Linda says:

In effect, our homes allow us to showcase our personalities. And what we showcase differs not only because of our personalities but also because of the life stage we’re in

I think at this point in my life I realise how very precious happiness is  and celebrating the happiness of my memories is important to me , I want my children to learn and remember their grandma was all about love and happiness and I try and capture that in how we think of her and celebrate her rather than be filled with sadness at our loss.

Dr Linda looked at a few other bloggers objects and analysed them too. Absolutely fascinating I think she got them spot on!   Have a look at her findings over at What your home says about you

I think my home definitely reflects me, rather chaotic and organised but full of life and colour!

What does your home say about you?


Psychology in the home



  1. May 28, 2015 / 13:43

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  2. Jo Hutchinson
    December 6, 2015 / 14:14

    The jug is a beautiful reminder.

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