Where do you get your financial advice?

Where do you get your financial advice?

I am really interested to know what you do in regard to your finances. Do you just wing it? Do you work it all out yourself or do you have clear and definite plans that you have worked through with a financial advisor?

My advice would always be to get expert help when it comes to making financial decisions. It is too important to get it right.

When it comes to thinking about the future financially it really does pay to be properly advised. I have been assured by so many people over the years that they know what they are talking about when it comes to money and yet they have no credentials to back this up at all. Your money is one of the most important assets you will ever have. You wouldn’t trust a do it yourself car lover to give you an MOT so why on earth would you entrust financial advice to an enthusiastic but non-qualified person. If you think it through it really does not make any sense, does it? We turn to experts in regard to our physical health ALL THE TIME yet so often we neglect expert advice when it comes to our finances

I asked a couple of people I know for their take on this and they were firmly of two camps.

Those who never took financial advice muttered things like ‘its all common sense anyway and ‘everyone tries to sell you something.’  This is why having an INDEPENDENT financial advisor is key and really, is it all common sense? I just do not agree. What do you know honestly about saving plans, ISA’s pensions and corporate liability insurance we need expert advice not guesswork.  It is quite complicated really isn’t it?

Others we are adamant that an independent financial advisor is the way forward.

Rigby Financial is an independent insurance intermediary and financial advisors, who offer services for both individuals and businesses. I think that talking to an indepent advisor is key to your financial planning.. They will search the marketplace for the best-tailored insurance or financial product for you and/or your business. And this will save you both time and worry as well as probably a good deal of money!

What do you think – is it best to get proper advice or DIY your finances?




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