Which Pieces Of Playground Equipment Are Essential? 

Which Pieces Of Playground Equipment Are Essential


 If you’re thinking about designing the perfect playground this article will give you hints and tips on which items are essential for the perfect functional and beautiful outdoor playing area. 

The Essential Pieces Of Playground Equipment

Thinking of investing in a beautiful new play area for your school? 

Playgrounds can be compact and efficient, big and bold, extensive and exciting – there’s a layout to suit every space, and every educational facility. 

When you’re starting your plans to create the perfect playground design, the process begins with choosing the core equipment – the pieces that form the foundation of the space. But which pieces of playground equipment are essential? Which items does a playground simply have to have to be the most beneficial outdoor play space for the children who use it? 

Don’t worry, things are about to feel a lot clearer with our easy rundown of essential pieces of playground equipment you must include in your design: 



Swings are a classic addition to any playground, and they come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. For larger playgrounds double bay swings are a great idea. You can also have different separate swing frames with cradle seats for younger pupils, and flat seats for older pupils able to support themselves. Basket seats are also a popular choice because they add an element of ‘adventure’ and often support lots of children at once. 

Key Benefits

  • Different options for different ages
  • One frame is often compact enough to put into a small area
  • Classic playground addition
  • Boosts a child’s spatial awareness, sensory system development, gross motor system development and muscle control


Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are a great playground essential because they are the centrepiece, and often the item kids will run up to first. They usually feature a range of different areas, such as; rope swings, flat swings, nets, climbing walls, slides, and raised bridges. Some kids climbing frames are much simpler and provide a safe frame for children to climb over, often in conjunction with other single frames in various designs. Additionally, climbing frames can set the theme for a playground if you opt for an adventure boat, castle or other fantasy themed creation that will encourage your pupils to enjoy imaginative play as they spend time outdoors. 


Key Benefits:

  • Visually boosts the look of the space
  • Can include a wide range of activities for kids in one piece of equipment
  • Can be themed
  • Boosts confidence, gross motor skills and social skills
  • Different options for different age groups
  • Encourages exploration of calculated risk


Mud Kitchens

Mud kitchens are fantastic pieces of play equipment for younger children because they encourage imaginative play. Imaginative play is essential for children and their development because it helps them to explore emotions and feelings safely, to be creative, to develop academic skills and to explore and utilise natural elements during play. 


Key Benefits: 

  • Inclusive
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Can be enhanced with accessories
  • Suitable for all-weather outdoor play
  • Encourages socialising
  • Helps build awareness of academic concepts
  • Encourages safe exploration of emotion
  • Can help children to build empathy



MUGAS are Multi-Use-Game-Areas that can be all kinds of shapes, sizes and layouts to suit any budget or playground size. Although they can often be permanent features, some companies offer free standing options, which means they can be put up and taken down quickly, for the ultimate convenience in gameplay setting up and clearing up. 

Even better, the exterior panels usually stack on top of each other so they are easy to store.

If you did want a more permanent MUGA, playgrounds benefit from a range of playground markings such as mini-tennis court markings and five-a-side football markings. These can be used alone, or in combination with freestanding court panels as and when you want to transform the playground space into an area for PE or sports day activities. 


Key Benefits: 

  • Lots of options to suit different outdoor areas & needs
  • Multiple thermoplastic markings can be placed for gameplay 
  • Temporary components can often be easily stored
  • Certain packages can include easily stored accessories like netball posts, bibs and rackets
  • Help facilitate activities where children can get in their recommended amounts of exercise every day


For More Help Designing The Perfect Playground, Speak To The Professionals

To find out what the possibilities are for your playground and the essential pieces of equipment that could work for the space, speak to a professional play equipment company. They will be able to discuss the different layouts you could have, and the associated costs and timeframes. Hopefully, with high-quality items, professional installation and a really great design, your kids will soon be enjoying playtime after playtime of fun and learning in your outdoor space. 

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