Will you #GiveOrGift your Secret Santa – Alternative Secret Santa Idea

Alternative secret santa 


 60m is wasted each year in unwanted workplace gifts.

Some children have nothing.

Lets do something about bot those things.

Why not make your Secret Santa gift count this year by choosing to receive a charity donation instead of a gift?



Alternative secret santa 

Secret Santa gift giving can be a great way to keep costs down at Christmas, but lets be honest it can lead to lots of tat being bought that no one really cares about too.

UK Money Bloggers, a network of lmoney saving content creators that I proudly belong to  has partnered with charity KidsOut to offer you an alternative use for your present fund.

Instead of your Secret Santa guessing what to buy for you when they pick your name out of the hat, you can helop them out  by asking for a donation to charity instead using #GiveOrGift.

You can choose your own charity to support, or donate direct to our chosen charity KidsOut.


Who are KidsOut?

Our partner charity is KidsOut who support children in Women’s Aid shelters that have escaped domestic violence,having experienced physical and emotional abuse.

These children often arrive in the refuges with nothign but the clothes they have on 

Your donations will provide them with toys or experiences to help them have a better Christmas. 


How does #GiveOrGift work?

If you want to run #GiveOrGift at your workplace or with friends and family, download our Secret Santa pack.

which includes sign up sheets that allow the Secret Santa organiser to list everyone taking part. You then get to tick next to your name if you want your Santa to give to charity on your behalf, or if you’d like to receive a gift.

When your name is pulled  your Santa will see if you want a gift or for a donation to be made on your behalf.


Donations can be made via our JustGiving page and there is a gift certificate you can print out or email so there’s something to actually hand over.


Virtual Alternative secret santa 

#GiveOrGift is a perfect way to run a remote Secret Santa as you can email over a #GiftOrGift certificate.

Tell your friends and share this post on social media with the hashtag #GiveOrGift. You can follow UKMoneyBloggers on Instagram or Twitter too to keep track of the campaign.




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