Your Ultimate Guide to a Staycation

Lets have a look at the ultimate guide to a staycation

So you have some time off from work, but the concept of gathering the family or friends and taking off on a plane somewhere does not fit the budget. Instead of scraping the bottom of the financial barrel to have some fun and relaxation time, opt in for a staycation! We have some tips and ideas that will make your local vacation one of worthiness.


  1. Rules and Tips  – Ultimate Guide to a Staycation

A staycation is the term for an “at home” holiday. Because you are spending a bit more time at home, it is vital to put in place some rules to avoid getting caught up in home life. In order to avoid making your staycation a bore, you must AVOID:

  • Homework
  • Cleaning
  • Chores
  • Laundry
  • Work emails/tasks


Try and shy away from anything that you would not normally be able to do if you were on a tropical island, away from home. Keep your worries at bay and clean the house, do chores and homework prior to the start of your vacation.


  1. Local Activities

Regardless of which city you live in, there are loads of free/cheap things to do in every town. Some of our favourites include:

  • Become a tourist: pick up a brochure of your very own town and go on an adventure!
  • Picnic at a park: Check out Telegraph for a list of London’s favourite picnic spots

Get smart at a library: Gather the family for some book fun! Many libraries have free activities to participate in daily.


Your Ultimate Guide to a Staycation


  • Visit a museum: Loads of museums offer free admission, so go educate yourself at whatever museum you fancy! The National History Museum always has something going on.
  • Get some exercise: Hit up a hiking trail, try a new bike path, or take on a long stroll along the water with your date.


  1. At Home Activities in the Ultimate Guide to a Staycation

Balance your in-town adventures with things to do from home. Step up your staycation game by:

  • Camping in the backyard: Who says you have to travel far to pitch a tent and tell ghost stories?
  • Spa day: Opt in for a long bath, face masks, and nail panting
  • TV or movie binge: Have some friends over and spend a day binging your favourite show or movie on Netflix
  • Order takeaway: Don’t lift a finger in the kitchen and order dinner and desert from your favourite place who deliver to your door quickly and efficiently.


ultimate Guide to a Staycation


  • Games night: Crack out a deck of cards, pour some drinks, and have a laugh or two with friends and family playing a classic card game.


The sky’s the limit with all of the possibilities to make your staycation a successful one!



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