Adult Micro Scooters you can try before you buy

Adult Micro Scooters you can try before you buy

Adult Micro Scooters you can try before you buy

Do you like the idea of an adult scooter but are just not sure if it would fit with your lifestyle or if you would get to grips with it. Are you worried you might waste your money?

As you know I am very budget concious and I always consider all new purchases really carefully. Micro have the most brilliant scooters my children have always used them and the quality and ease of use id brilliant. They woudl always be my scooter of choice.

They have, rather ingeniously come up with a fabulous scheme where you can try an adult scooter for 2 weeks before deciding if you want to buy one. And best of all you can trial it for free. This si a fabulous way to find out if scooting is for you and being really sure before you part with your hard earned cash and the scheme gets a huge thumbs up from Family Budgeting.

Here is how the scheme works – it is very simple

First of all you simply choose one of the adult scooters you wish to demo

It will be sent out to get 14 days to have a go and then it is collected. How simple is that!

I love to scoot with my kids, it is sociable, great exercise and very cool.

I love this scheme, it is always good to try before you buy but really we rarely get to trial things for more than a minute or two before parting with our money so this scheme is both unusual and brilliant.

Well done Micro!

Check out this fabulous  try before you buy scheme at Micro Scooters website.



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