10 steps to a beautiful home on a budget


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Steps to a beautiful home on a budget

Are you looking to make steps to a beautiful home on a budget?

It is always possible to make something beautiful on a budget and it is absolutely possible to create a home you love this way.  Here are 10 steps to a beautiful home on a budget. I do hope they inspire you!


Simple steps to the perfect home makeover

1. Declutter – too much stuff can crowd out and disguise the most lovely home so be ruthless and before you do anything else at all get rid of anything you no longer love/want/need and don’t look back. Dedicate a weekend to this and get it done and then you have a wonderful starting point for steps 1-9.

2. Getting all those little jobs done is a priority and it is not worth decorating till they are done. By selling your clutter from step 1 you should be able to get an odd jobs person in to fix that sink crack, replace that plug, sort out your cupboard that is off the hinge, etc. You may even be able to do this yourself.. Getting these jobs done will make you feel so much happier about your home and ready to make a star.

3. Painting – I know its dull but a repaint through your you home will give it back a fresh vibe. It is inexpensive but time-consuming so you might want to rope in friends/family to give you a hand in exchange for their Sunday dinner?

4. Okay, now it is time for a deep clean. Borrow a carpet cleaner, wash those curtains and really give it all a good old scrub. This will make you home smell super fresh and look great

5. Don’t forget your windows!  Clean sparkly windows . not overly dressed can really make a home shine.

6. Now, why not rearrange your furniture? Try and place mirrors opposite windows, pop rugs away in the summer, place lamps close to armchairs and bookcases. Really have a think about your layout and make the very most of what you have.

7. Now, all the prep is done it is time to think about some interesting new additions Wallsauce are wall mural specialists and have a huge, diverse and inspiring collection of easy to apply wall murals and a design your own service.  Wouldnt that make a huge impression on a wall in your home. You wouldn’t need to buy any artwork that is for sure!

8. Fragrance – for me a fragranced home is a well-loved home and I love uplifting and clean citrus scents. What do you like to smell in a home? Make it your home signature and through reed diffuser, sand candles bring your home to life.

9. Think about what you love to see in a home and start to build it into your home. If you lovely cosy perhaps introduce lovely blankets and cushions and if you love a minimalist look then get rid of all those cushions and rugs. Your vibe is so much more important than current trends.

10. Lastly, display what you have well, you may want to colour coordinate your bookshelves or artfully display books on your coffee table. You might want to fill your best vase with beautiful blooms. It’s like deciding to wear your best clothes every day – show off your house at its best every day. You will love it so much more.


I hopeyou have enjoyed my post on 10 steps to a beautiful home on a budget




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