Beautiful dining sets on a budget

Lets take a look at some beautiful dining sets on a budget.

We are a family that loves to eat together. It is such a great time to catch up on each others day, share our plans and any gossip and just to reconnect. We always make sure, wherever possible that we have breakfast and dinner together. I feel such a sense of peace and togetherness when I have my whole family around the table.

Consequently or dining table is a really important feature in our home and I like it to be both stylish and functional.

What do you look for in a dining set?

When it comes to Dining Room Tables And Chairs I personally like a sleek and minimalistic look best.


dining sets on a budget, becky goddard-hill


Beautiful dining sets on a budget

This stunning set from Furniture in Fashion is just my thing. It is made form oak, really simple and very practical and is really well priced at £169.95. That is quote astonishing price for a full set particularly a wooden one!


I like benches I think they work really well In creating a sense of greater space in a room, and they are so easy for kids to scramble over, or to budget up and make room for other little kids on!

For a home that is more contemporary and likes a splash of colour then the Arturo is a lovely set, The chairs come in yellow or red, white or grey and cost £229.95 which is again startlingly good value for a full set. These would be super easy to clean and a really fun and funky addition to a home.

Beautiful dining sets on a budget


Quite a bit more expensive but just so stylish I really HAD to share it with you is this gorgeous AVICI Y shaped table.

You get the white gloss table with 6 comfy chairs in black, white or grey. It comes with a toughened and tempered glass top, and a Y shaped base chrome base for support, I love it! This costs £1214.96 so not in the budget bracket but it is designed to last. And oh, what a statement piece it truly is!


Beautiful dining sets on a budget



A much more traditional dining set is this wooden Sheeshand set. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Beautiful dining sets on a budget

At £924.95 this is a real investment piece that you can see lasting a long time. A really classic wooden set with a hardwood Sheesham finish. Just lovely


So yes I think a dining set is really important asset in your home. You will spend many an hour at your dining table so having one you love is really important. I hope these have given you some thought and reflection on the kind of style that would work for you.



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