10 ways running beats the gym

Do you think running beats the gym ?

Whether it was the Christmas excesses or the January blues, hitting the gym can be a hard enough task. Having to buy new gear and getting yourself psyched up to be in a gym class you may not actually enjoy. That is where running is completely different.

You can do it anywhere, you only need a pair of shoes and a some comfy gear and even better, you get to do it in the fresh air. Kudos-Sports  have produced a great list of reasons why running beats the gym; we happen to agree!”



I am absolutely in agreement with this and you know saving money on running rather than gym membership can maeka huge difference. i don’t know about you but when I was a member of the gym I spent half my time buying expensive lattes and chatting rather than working out. And of course the petrol to get there. Creche fees too possibly .

Why bother when you can open your door and just run and come home to your own coffee instead ?

Saving money in small ways like this really can make all the difference to managing your finances without compromising a healthy lifestyle.


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  1. January 26, 2016 / 19:17

    A lot of these apply to me because I work out at home with YouTube videos. So no driving, no club fees, etc. The only problem with the videos is that I can’t really listen to music because I need to hear what the people in the video are saying. Boo.

    But I hate running/jogging, and my knees aren’t great to begin with. So I’m all about dumbbells, squats (ugh) and walking videos.

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