3 Benefits Of Fuel Cards You Need To Know

Today – 3 Benefits Of Fuel Cards You Need To Know

3 Benefits Of Fuel Cards You Need To Know

Never heard of fuel cards? I’m about to change your relationship with driving forever!

Paying for fuel is just about the least exciting part of driving — whether you’re out for a Sunday cruise or mid-way through a cross-country drive to see family. It’s tiresome, halts your momentum and worst of all, expensive!

Don’t you sometimes wish there was an easier, cheaper way to pay for fuel? So you could get on with your drive and just enjoy that feeling of being on the open road? Well, a fuel card might just be the solution for you.

These magic little cards are full of benefits for first-time drivers, families and businesses alike — so let’s take a look at just a few of them.


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They remove the need for cash

Ever pull up to the pump, fill your car with petrol and realise that, wait a minute, you left your wallet at home? You can’t exactly scoop it all out now, so what are you going to do?

Fuel cards aren’t just there for those moments when you’ve lost your card and you’re out of cash, but they sure do help.

With a fuel card, you and your family never need to use another payment method at the pump. They cover the cost of all commonly used fuels, acting much in the same way as your regular bank card, just with one specific purpose.

Not just brilliant for those moments where you’re caught with empty pockets – fuel cards also offer a whole host of benefits for their users. While often more of a bonus for businesses, fuel cards allow some users to access fuel at wholesale prices, meaning you avoid those seemingly never-ending price increases. Use one enough at the same fuel court and you’ll even be in-line for some great price rewards.

A great little asset to have for all kinds of journeys that’ll help cut down the cost of those long holiday drives.


They can be used almost anywhere

So fuel cards are useful, that’s all well and good, but where can you actually make use of their benefits?

While non-drivers might see them as a niche scheme, fuel cards are actually quite common and accepted in fuel courts up and down the country — even across the world.

Just about every major fuel supplier accepts fuel cards as payment for their liquid gold, with household names such as Esso making payments simpler for everyone with their own Esso fuel card.

In short, you’re not going to get a blank look when you pull out a fuel card at the till.

Useable at hundreds of sites across the country, you don’t need to add an hour onto your trip looking for the right service station or fuel court.


Top tip: Want to impress at work? Fuel cards are as brilliant an asset for your business or employer as they are at home. As well as giving you access to wholesale prices, fuel cards also remove a significant amount of admin and give finance managers a more holistic view of outgoings on fuel. That’s one way to make yourself more popular in the accounts department.


They’re secure, safe and easy to use

The modern world we live in may be exciting, but it can be equally frightening.


Regular people are more acutely aware than ever before of how sensitive their data is — going to extreme lengths to protect it and actively moving away from popular sites such as Facebook in an effort to keep their personal lives private.

One of the biggest threats is fraud. People are rightly careful of who they give access to their accounts — especially when upgrading to new payment methods. Thankfully, fuel cards are a safe and secure way to make those monthly fuel payments, actually eliminating issues rather than causing them.

All fuel cards operate on a PIN system. This may feel a little weird if you’re used to contactless, but it does provide that extra level of security that allows you to keep your mind on the road.

Likewise, they offer you a report at the end of the month separate from the rest of your bank statement. This way you can notice any discrepancies that may appear — a particularly great asset when you’re trying to find the best commuter route to work.


Perhaps most simply of all, fuel cards keep you safe by removing the need to have large amounts of cash on you. Should you lose your fuel card you’re only losing access to money that can be spent topping up a vehicle – so a thief’s scope for terror is much thinner.


Easy to use, cheap and totally secure? Fuel cards tick a lot of boxes for the modern family driver. If you find yourself behind the wheel more often than not this is an investment worth looking into.


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