Bathroom Makeover On a Budget

Today – Bathroom Makeover On a Budget

I am 50 next year and as part of my 49th year I have drawn up a list 50 things I would like to achieve. We have 6 rooms in my little house and  I plan to makeover them all. Item no. 20 on my list is

Makeover the Bathroom

Now obviously I don’t have thousands to spend on each item on my list and as far as possible I want to achieve my home makeover on a budget.  So I have made a list of simple things I can do to make my bathroom look better plus I have also created a little wish list of wants I have for my bathroom makeover, some cost very little, some are a bit more pricey but all would contribute to a fresh and gorgeous room.




My bathroom makeover on a budget wishlist

  • A new toilet brush (a simple thing but our looks grubby and who wants a grubby toilet brush – yuck!)
  • New accessories  like a handwash dispenser and a soap dish so we can finally get rid of the plastic in our bathroom
  • New flannels and towels in a dark grey (to hide the marks)
  • A toilet roll cabinet. Yep, we are all sick of running out of toilet roll when we are actually already in the bathroom. My kids for some reason, never replace it when they have finished with it. I have been meaning to find a way of keeping toilet rolls in our bathroom for a while but oh it tiny and I hate to see them on show. I need to get investigating.
  • A new bin (with a lid) not open so every tissue and bt of rubbish can be seen
  • A couple of small but super healthy looking plants  – I think the lovely fresh greens would  contrast beautifully with an all-white bathroom and the living plants and a vibrant energy
  • A mirror with lights from Clearlight Designs Such a lovely way to add a bit of glamour to the bathroom whilst also being a brilliant practical solution in a poorly lit room. Oh, I would just love one of these – what a treat. You can even get ones that don’t fog up if you have had a shower. Clever hey!



  • Lastly, I would want a new bath mat in the same dark grey as the towels to hide the dirt!


Jobs to do for our bathroom makeover on a budget 

Making over a room is never just about what you buy though, it is also about the jobs you have to do.  Here’s the little list I need to plough through to make my bathroom makeover on a budget come to life and look absolutely amazing. Here’s what I need to do:


1. Use a grouting pen and re-grout my tiles

2. Give the room a huge, in-depth clean

3. Repaint the walls, skirting and doors

4, Declutter the cupboards


So there you go I have a plan, a shopping list and a vision.

I always feel its best to do a makeover this way, being super clear about what is involved. Now I just need to put my plan into action!

Watch this space!


Bathroom Makeover On a Budget is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on bathroom trends in 2021









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