3 Fun Days Out on a Budget

Occasionally it can be tough to find fun days out on a budget – outings that your entire group will enjoy. It is even more difficult to attempt to plan outings on a budget. However, when you manage to get the occasional day off, you don’t want to waste it sitting around all day doing nothing. That time should be filled with engaging activities that hopefully aren’t too painful on your bank account.


3 Fun Days Out on a Budget

Here are three unique ideas for outings on a budget for you to consider as your next fun day out.


1) A Day at the Race Track

Horseracing is generally a great day out with plenty of bars and betting, but you might have received the notion that this is a spectator sport only for those with money to spare. While you can certainly purchase some lavish VIP tickets that will give you access to areas of the track that are off-limits to regular ticket holders, a day at the races doesn’t have to break the bank.

Firstly, don’t go overboard with how much you spend on your racing attire. Shop the sales and avoid paying too much for an outfit that you will really only want to wear at horse racing events. Next, check to see if the track you are going to has a designated picnic area so that you can bring your own food instead of paying for food at the venue.

That means that you will have a few extra pounds spare to place some bets, so be sure to check to see who will be racing that day and who looks like they will have a favourable day.


2) The London Transport Museum

If you are in the London area or planning a trip up that way any time soon, one thing that should be on your list of fun activities is the London Transport Museum. There are plenty of large and historical displays that are sure to delight everyone in your group.

While there are some attractions in London that cost quite a bit to see, this museum will actually reward you for buying ahead of time. When you purchase your ticket online in advance it will cost £16.50 instead of the usual £18.00 that you would be charged when you buy it at the museum on the day.


3) Free Tennis Sessions

The Lawn Tennis Association, or LTA, is always looking for ways to encourage people to try their hand at tennis. One of the ways in which they are doing this is by hosting Big Tennis Weekends throughout the summertime. At multiple locations throughout the UK, the LTA organizes these events in order to bring members of various communities to check out their local tennis clubs.

Those who attend their local Big Tennis Weekend will be treated to free coaching sessions on the court by LTA qualified coaches as well as other freebies. Inquire to see if your local club is offering a Big Tennis Weekend this summer.



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