Do you need an eTA for Canada?

So, do you need an eTA for Canada?

Prior to visiting Canada, there are many things you will want to have in place. Your eTA Canada will want to be with you, you will want accommodation sorting, transport to the airport organised and so much more.

Here is a comprehensive list of what you need to organise so your trip to this amazing country goes without a hitch and is the vacation of a lifetime.


Why visit Canada?

I have visited Canada twice. Did you know it is the second-largest country in the world? My 2 visits haven’t even combed the surface.

The first time I spent a long weekend in Toronto. Oh my goodness what a buzzy, brilliant, multicultural dynamic city. I absolutely loved Toronto. It has awesome skyscrapers and the best shopping, theatres and music scene. It also has beautiful parks and is right by the shore. Just fabulous.

Another time when I visited Canada we drove there from Minnesota. That spectacular drive through forests and by lakes is etched forever in my memory. Canada is vast, it is beautiful and wild. We stayed in a condo on Lake Superior which stretches from Minnesota to Canada and is the largest body of freshwater on earth. We had so much fun at the lake.

From Niagra Falls to spectacular forest walks and wildlife, bustling cities and a really modern way of life, Canada absolutely offers something for everyone. Have a look at Lonely Planet Canada for lots of gorgeous places to visit whilst you are there



Do you need an eTA for Canada?

So you may have heard of it but are you wondering what is an eTA for Canada and do you need one?

An eTA Canada is quite simply a mandatory travel permit to travel to Canada without a visa.  if you are planning to travel to Canada in 2020 or 2021 and don’t have aa Canadian or US passport, and you also hold the nationality from one of the visa-exempt countries, you are required to apply for an eTA.

eTA Canada travel authorization is something you must consider. If the thought of applying for travel authorization leaves you daunted then don’t be. It really could not be any simpler. Applying for an eTA takes about 5 minutes, enough time to boil a kettle.  And. it costs surprisingly little at just £19,95 per person.

In case you were wondering eTA stands for: “Electronic Travel Authorization” It is valid for 5 years and during this time you can make unlimited visits to Canada.

Don’t worry if you are cutting it a little fine as usual application are processed within 72 hours.(But definitely don’t leave it too late)


When would you need a visa to Canada?

If your trip to Canada is not about a vacation but instead involves a visit longer than 6 consecutive months or if you wish to work in Canada, you will need to apply for a Visa instead of an eTA. This is a slightly more complicated and expensive process but it is necessary. You can see here  how and when you would need to make a visa application


What else do you need to prep for a trip to Canada?

Now the legal stuff is sorted what else do you need to consider? Well here are 10 things I believe you will want to ensure are in place prior to your trip

  1. Travel insurance (including medical insurance and flights)
  2. Travel to and from both airports.
  3. Know your budget and make sure you don’t over plan or overspend on your trip.
  4. Flights.
  5. An itinerary (Canada has so much to offer it would be a shame to miss out and having at least a loose itinerary will help you fit it all in)
  6. Good accommodation – it is so worth doing your research and finding highly recommended well-placed accommodation. It can make all the difference to your trip.
  7. The right clothing and footwear. Summers are moderate but winters are super cold and you will need to be prepared!
  8. In date passports!
  9. Canada uses the Canadian dollar so do get yourself some local currency before you go.
  10. A hire car (or organised tour.) Canada, as I mentioned previously is VAST you are going to need a means of getting about.


More information on the eTA

If you need information regarding the eTA for Canada, simply go to to find out all you need to know.

All that’s left for me to say is that if you do vacation to Canada I wish you the happiest of holidays. It is a  truly spectacular country and well worthy of your visiting.

You can also find more travel advice to Canada at Gov.UK


Do you need an eTA for Canada? is a collaborative post you may also like my post on planning a family holiday to canada


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