4 Gift Ideas for Smartphone-obsessed Teenagers

4 Gift Ideas for Smartphone-obsessed Teenagers

4 Gift Ideas for Smartphone-obsessed Teenagers

If you’ve got teenage kids, you know how fully obsessed they are with their smartphones. Snapchat this and Instagram that… it’s sometimes difficult for them to tear their eyes away from the screen just to have dinner! While it’s true that many adults are no better, most teenagers just can’t get enough of these gadgets, but be that as it may, it does give you some ideas for when Christmas or birthdays roll around. These won’t be gifts for everyone (see here instead), but there are many cool and useful smartphone accessories that teenagers are bound to love.


3 smartphone camera lens attachments

If they’re taking photos on their smartphone all day, why not try to get them a bit more interested in photography? The Amir 3-in-1 set is a range of aluminium lenses that can clip securely onto the smartphone camera, and allow for a multitude of options when it comes to taking unique and interesting photos. Included in the kit is a fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, and macro lens. Give them a chance to broaden their photography skills beyond the selfie!



Do you ever see your teenager trying to prop up their smartphone against something when watching videos at the table, or even seeing the phone slip out of their hands when attempting to take a selfie? The PopSocket is a collapsible grip/stand that sticks to the back of a smartphone and will solve the problems just mentioned. The one downside is that a PopSocket will make the phone a little trickier to place in a front jeans pocket, but if this is of no concern, then it’s a cheap and cheerful gift for teenagers.


Snapchat Spectacles – Gift Ideas for Smartphone-obsessed Teenagers

In a similar way to the above camera lenses, the Snapchat Spectacles reimagine everything to do with making movies. When wearing the Spectacles (which look like modern sunglasses), the wearer can film 10-second clips from their own POV and then upload these directly to Snapchat. Whether it’s riding a rollercoaster, looking at a sunset, or playing with a pet dog, the Spectacles mean that they can have a break from filming everything through a smartphone camera. These cost around £120, so may be a bit expensive for some parents, but when you consider how costly sunglasses are anyway, it could be a nice idea to pick up some with an extra feature like the Spectacles. Read more about the Snapchat Spectacles and what these camera glasses do if these sound like the perfect gift!


The Phone Soap 3

You might be a little shocked to find out that smartphones carry a lot of germs! Considering how often it’s in our hands, we shouldn’t be so surprised, but it’s not usually something we think about when using these gadgets. The Phone Soap 3 is a pretty ingenious device, as it claims it can remove 99.9% of all germs carried on the phone by using a UVC-C light. This costs roughly £50, but it’s pretty great when you consider there are no liquids or chemicals necessary to clean the phone. You just place it inside the case, close the lid and wait 10 minutes for the light to do its thing.


4 Gift Ideas for Smartphone-obsessed Teenagers is a feature post – you might want to also point them in the direction of festivals in the UK under £100 – you might also want to take a look at how to set up a  Google Family Link on your child’s device brilliant for location tracking and more!


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  1. September 2, 2019 / 21:29

    Great and cool ideas. My son is a totally technical boy and I aways try to buy him something which will be usefull for him 🙂

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