5 Best Places To Buy Affordable Lab-Grown Diamonds In 2022

If naturally-formed diamonds are out of your price range, or you want a bigger diamond for a more affordable price, you should consider purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

Don’t think that by doing so you’re settling for second best. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. The only difference between them and mined diamonds is that the former is grown from a “diamond seed” by scientists instead of being extracted from the earth.

You may now be sold on the idea of buying lab-grown diamonds. But where can you buy them? Here are five places where you can shop for beautiful lab-grown diamonds.



Using state-of-the-art technology, diamonds can be replicated in the same natural conditions in which diamonds are formed under the earth’s mantle.

Therefore, lab-grown diamonds consist of the same lattice crystal structure of carbon atoms that mined diamonds have.

Lab-grown diamonds have exactly the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, so they look exactly the same.

While most people purchase lab-grown diamonds due to their affordability – for instance, lab-grown diamond rings can be half the price of rings containing natural diamonds – there are other advantages of purchasing lab-grown rings. Most importantly, they are environmentally ethical.

1. Auctions

Even though lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds, you may be able to purchase lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamond jewellery at auction for an even less expensive cost.

If affordability is your main concern, attending an auction at an auction house that specialises in jewellery could be a great option.

However, it could take time for you to find auctions that sell lab-grown diamonds and even longer for you to find the right ones.

2. Online Auction Sites

Similarly, you could find lab-grown diamonds for sale on online auction sites. Just make sure that any lab-grown diamond you’re considering purchasing comes with a certificate of authentication.

3. Jewellery Shops

One of the best places for buying lab-grown diamonds is jewellery shops.

You’ll know that the diamonds or items of jewellery are authentic and you will have the opportunity to look at the lab-grown diamonds close-up and ask the jeweller any questions you have.

4. Second-hand Shops

Whether you’re buying lab-grown diamond jewellery for yourself as a Christmas gift, you may be lucky and find lab-grown diamonds in second-hand shops. But, as with purchasing at auctions, make sure they are authentic before you buy.

5. Online Shops

Perhaps the best place of all to purchase lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamond jewellery is with a reputable online retailer.

Online jewellery stores often have a much wider selection than you’ll find at brick-and-mortar shops and you have the chance to look through different ones anytime and anywhere, rather than being tied to viewing lab-grown diamonds during a shop’s opening hours.

By buying online, you can take all the time in the world to look through different options and find the absolute right diamond for you.

If you’re after lab-created diamond rings, Diamondère’s lab creations are some of the best on the market.


Further Information About Lab-grown Diamonds

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, lab-grown diamonds are environmentally ethical, which is one reason why they have become so popular in recent years.

The reason that lab-grown diamonds are sustainable and environmentally ethical is that they’re not mined from the ground. That means the production of lab-grown diamonds doesn’t threaten the environment in the way that mining for natural diamonds can.

Also, lab-grown diamonds will always be conflict-free. You may also be wondering if lab-grown diamonds come in different qualities, like mined diamonds. The answer is yes.

They can contain inclusions just like mined diamonds, which means they have slight variations in colour and tiny imperfections.

In turn, that means you can find lab-grown diamonds at a variety of prices, just as with naturally-formed diamonds.


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