5 effective and simple ways to improve your kitchen

Simple ways to improve your kitchen

My kitchen is the room I spend the most of my time in. I cook in there, help the kids do their homework in there, my little desk and files are in the corner of the kitchen and we spend many hours playing and talking around the kitchen table. It is an important room in our home. This is why I like it to be a ‘good’ room, attractive, functioning well, practical and easy to manage.

It needs to be ‘just right.’

There are some really simple ways to improve a kitchen and I’d like to share my top 5 tips with you .

Keep it tidy

keeping surfaces clear makes the biggest difference to a kitchen. It gives the illusion of space and order. Surface de cluttering and putting away anything you don’t use is my top tip. Simple and hugely effective. I have written about this before over at Thrifty Home.*

Keep your accessories simple and stylish

Kitchens tens to be accessory heavy so keeping a really simple style in your kitchen helps it from looking too cluttered. I love the practical  and clean lines of accessories such as these form The National Trust*

Take care of what you have

A little bit of general maintenance in the kitchen goes a long way. Cleaning out the microwave and oven on a weekly basis keeps it fresh and stops the job getting unmanageable. I always believe if you take care of your possessions they will take care of yo. Likewise do use placemats on wooden tables to stop them form spoiling and mop up juice stains straight away !  Ongoing care makes all the difference.



Consider installing a water softener

Installing a water softener* make a huge difference to a kitchen

What does it do ..?

a water softener is designed to take out the calcium and magnesium (limescale) from hard water. It’s limescale that causes taps and showers to get clogged up, appliances to break down and reduces the efficiency of your boiler and heating system.

So basically it is going to save you money and improve your health as well as make your kitchen run more efficiently. The water softener unit attaches to your stop cock at the point where the water supply enters your home and then works its magic.

Bright and light

My last tip is to try and keep your kitchen as light and bright as possible. Clean windows, white walls kept freshly painted, little glass vase  filled with wild flowers, well washed floors and open windows all let the light in. Rooms where you cook can become musty and need to be kept fresh. It really makes all the difference.

I hope these simple tips inspire you to see that improving your kitchen is quite simple ..it just requires a few practical changes and some maintained effort. It is most definitely worth it. Hee are further tips to help you transform your kitchen in one day


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simple ways to improve your kitchen



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