Need to move due to separation or divorce ?

Sadly it is estimated 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce.

Many years ago when I was divorced, I had to move to a smaller house due to finances. At a time of great personal difficult moving is an added stressor and another loss.

It was not an easy time and I was not thinking too clearly. I actually bought a house that cost more than I could really afford. was a lovely house though!

I could have done with more guidance.


Over at My Online Estate Agent their is  a guide called Moving Due to Separation or Divorce – MOEA that will help you through this tough period. It is a downloadable PDF  provides clarity on what you will need to consider, answers to the questions you want to know and more importantly, it addresses the matter head on explaining your options following the break.

I could really have done with that.

The download look at different issues such as mutual sales, one party buying the other out as well as future considerations including mortgage solutions.

It doesn’t matter how well meaning your friends are sometimes you just need expert advice particularly at a time when hasty or emotional decisions are likely and could prove very costly.

This is time to be making sensible, well thought through financial decisions in regard to selling your property and buying afresh.

Do take advice.

About my online estate agents

My Online Estate Agent is  an estate agent but they’re an estate agent with a twist! They offer the same fully professional services as typical high street agents but instead of taking a hefty commission, they have a range of upfront packaged fees – saving consumers thousands of pounds and making the whole process a much easier affair.

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