5 must see family films on Netflix

Today – 5 must see family films on Netflix

As a family we just absolutely love to spend an evening together huddled under a blanket on the sofa with a good movie to watch.

We love Netflix as it has SO much choice but sometimes the kids find this a bit overwhelming. Drawing up a list of MUCH smaller but well thought through choices makes getting them to pick one they will both like a much speedier and fruitful process.

Creating a Netflix movie list is so simple if you use the Netflix search engine Flixlist as you can easily search by age range and genre.
family films on Netflix5 must see family films on Netflix

I love movies old and knew, seen before or new to us. I have drawn up a list of 5 I would love to watch with my family.



I saw this with my son and I just loved it. Starring Jack Black who is tremendous, the story brings all the goosebumps books to life in the one film. It is SO funny and definitely a tad scary!




Such a fun and silly film Marmaduke tells the story  suburban family moves to a new neighbourhood with their large yet lovable Great Dane, who has a tendency to wreak havoc . I’ve seen it twice already but it is a firm whole family, laugh out loud favourite



Fantastic Mr Fox

None of us have seen this film but we are all HUGE Roald Dahl fans and it is such an awesome story – clever and funny. Cannot wait to see this.



The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a book I have always loved and I have tried to engage my children with it but to no avail. I am hoping the film will do it for me. It truly is SUCH a beautiful story





and finally on my list I have The Chronicles of Narnia.: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I adored the book, as did my children and we haven’t seen the movie yet. Should be utterly fabulous!

I am so excited about this list! A perfect way to start the year and plan in some great value family fun.


5 must see family films on Netflix is a collaborative post – you mijhgt also like my post on what to do if stuck indoors with your kids




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