5 Tips for Choosing a Living Room Set

When you’re choosing a living room set, you have thousands of options to choose from online, so it’s important to narrow down those options first SHOW DEAL. A great way to do this is to:



Start With Your Physical Space

1) Then look at the specific features you need, the durability of the materials, the overall style, and finally the features of the room that will work with or against your furniture. A living room set that doesn’t fit well in your living room won’t feel comfortable or create a good atmosphere. Start by measuring your available floor space. Ideally, your living room furniture should take up less than a third of this space to keep the area feeling balanced. Anything more, and the room starts to feel crowded. Next, consider where each piece of the set will sit in the room. Make sure a coach won’t be blocking access to the room, for instance. Smaller chairs or ottomans are also perfect for odd nooks or awkward corners.


Think About Your Family

2) Next, think about how your family will be using your living room set. Specifically, think about how many pieces you need to get the appropriate number of seats for everyone. Look at the features available and eliminate any that will be redundant or won’t be useful for you. Make a list of the features you do want to include, like a reclining sofa or ottoman storage. The more your living room set matches your lifestyle, the more it will feel welcoming and fit into your space without wasting extra room. It’s important to include the number of pieces in a set in this consideration; living room sets can have anywhere from two to eight individual pieces.


The materials

3)Don’t forget the materials that make up your sofas and loveseats. You may want to choose fabrics or other materials, like leather, that are scratch and stain-resistant, for instance. Tightly woven fabrics also tend to be much easier to clean, especially in darker colors or shades. Heavy, quality foam seat cushions will also last far longer than spring seats.


Consider Style

4)Now, you can consider style. Of course, you want your living room set to be one that you enjoy looking at as much as sitting in. Consider the colors of your walls and carpet or hardwood floors to ensure the colors won’t clash. Fortunately, a living room set provides a natural sense of cohesion because each of the elements already matches.


Build The Room Around Your Set

5)Finally, consider how your set works within the whole room. Even furniture set in a style you like may feel out of place in a room whose décor and other furnishings are a different style. You might be able to adjust this through the use of accessories or adding light sources, but keep in mind that smaller furnishings are far easier to replace than complete furniture sets. Begin with a set that you truly like and build the room around it. This will ensure you end up with a living room you don’t ever want to leave.



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