A guide to saving money by vaping instead of smoking


Today – A guide to saving money by vaping instead of smoking

Do you or have you ever smoked?

If you do or have one thing you will absolutely know for sure and undoubtedly all agree on is how expensive smoking is. In the grip of addiction somehow you find the money but if you just take a moment and actually reflect on what you are spending it is so shocking!

Do you know a pack a day smoker could save around £250 each month by quitting…wow!

The NHS quit smoking advice guide discusses e-cigarettes/vapes as a really effective stop smoking aid. They estimate that currently, an estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain use an e-cigarette, known as vaping.


guide to saving money by vaping


The benefits of vaping

Now I see and hear from many avid nonsmokers that mutter about vaping being as bad as smoking but it absolutely is not. According to the NHS  whilst E-cigarettes aren’t completely risk-free, but experts estimate that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

95% less harmful is MASSIVE!

Plus vaping really can lead to smokers quitting altogether, According to the NHS those who combine an e-cigarette with help from their local Stop Smoking Service have a high chance of success. In 2017-18, two-thirds of smokers who did so managed to stop smoking. Wow.

You can easily find a vape store online that will explain how vaping works and the different types of vapes available. It is also a good idea to peruse vape reviews to see what best works for you.


The cost benefits of Vaping

Various estimates put the savings costs of vaping in comparison to smoking at £2-3000. An absolute fortunate; a brilliant holiday, a chunk off the mortgage or a great quality second-hand car.  That really is a big saving.

So the health authorities say vaping is better for you and your pocket does too.

Have a look here for some in-depth advice on vaping from the NHS


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