You can stop smoking

Over at Health on Line you can see very graphically what happens to the lungs when you smoke.

It’s not pretty at all but I urge you if you smoke to head over and have a look.

Look at what you are doing to your poor lungs. Look how hard they have to work.

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Yes on this site my prime concern is budget and at about £7 per pack you are looking at almost 3.5k a year on cigarettes for someone with a 20 a day habit!!! A ridiculous waste of money that can make you extremely ill.

As a now non smoker it  just looks a no brainer to me to do everything in your power to stop and regain your health and wealth.

Easy to say as a non smoker. I smoker for about 14 years and I loved smoking . In them days it was sociable (so anti social now) and I just really liked that it helped me relax (or at least I thought it did) the reality was I was always craving after my next smoke and never really relaxing in to what I was doing.

I could give you lots of facts and figures about why smoking is bad for you but we all know it is don’t we.

Now I don’t smoke I know people who do who smell awful, have hacking coughs and no spare cash and their breath is laboured and smelly too. It is so much nice to be a non smoker.

I urge you this Stoptober to get some help with giving up smoking.

Ask your doctor, search the net, pop in a chemists. take that first step their is cleaner healthier and  cheaper way to live that just takes binning the fags. You can do this. I did. You can I promise and it is so worth it.

Wishing you lots of luck .


Written in association with health online


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  1. Dawn Frazier
    October 16, 2013 / 21:25

    I gave up smoking 15 years ago and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made. Once I had decided that I really wanted to give up, it was pretty easy to do. I didn’t use patches or anything else, just my own decision and determination. The first few weeks were the hardest but then as time went on it got easier – and I’ve saved myself a fortune!

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