A guide to the many milestones of Christmas money management

A guide to the many milestones of Christmas money management

Christmas is the annual beast that can make some feel overwhelmed. You know you need to buy the food, get the gifts, and trim the tree, but you always seem to end up in a mid-December panic, when you have no time or money to make the day feel as special as it should.

Choose Wisely have set out a handy Christmas money planner that sets milestones to help you keep on track. You can start your Christmas preparation now and even make sure that you’ve got time to put your feet up, to enjoy a festive tipple before the big day.


Christmas money management


Even though you might roll your eyes at the people that chirp up about Christmas before Halloween has sent out its trick or treaters, thinking about early Christmas shopping ideas is actually a great thing to do.

Buying Christmas gifts here and there will help you spread the cost from that perspective, but it’s the food that some people forget to account for. Getting those non-perishables in early is something you’ll be thankful for when you don’t have Aunt Sandra piping up that you’ve forgotten the bread sauce.

Keeping an eye out for drinks and snacks on offer will also be a great help, as you can then ensure that you’ve got something to nibble on when you watch Only Fools and Horses reruns in the evening.

So make a note of your timelines now, grab your Christmas checklist and let the seasonal fun begin!




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