A Recipe for Disaster

I often joke that I am a terrible cook and that even simple brownie making can end up a disaster in this house. As it goes that’s not too far off the mark!

But I guess cooking disasters are all relative and soggy sticky, greasy brownies are better than what happens here in this nutella brownie video.



A Recipe for Disaster

Did you know that 50% of house fires start in the kitchen? In this case it was simply because the microwave wasn’t clean

How very scary is that! Gosh I cannot think how long it is since I properly cleaned my microwave!

In a moment of complete stupidity (yes, I will totally own it) I once tried to put a metal jug in the microwave to heat up water for a jelly. What on earth was I thinking? My shocked husband stopped me just in time before I pressed start. I was pregnant at the time and distracted but oh my goodness that would have been so dangerous!

On another occasion I was making soup in our kitchen and fancying myself as a bit of a Delis Smith. It was a long and complicated recipe, I had ingredients galore and was in rather a pickle. Pots were here there and everywhere and I was stressing out and not paying very close attention  to details. I suddenly saw a little flame leap out he corner of my eye. Somehow or other a tea-towel got onto the cooker and had caught fire. I managed to put it out swiftly but I was, very very shaken. Such a close call.

I learned from these near misses how very important it is to pay total attention in the kitchen, to be alert mindful and present.



Kitchen fire safety really can save your life.

Have a look at these top kitchen fire safety tips and do keep safe!


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