A whistlestop tour of my home makeover plans

My home is looking tired and jaded.

It has been several years since it was decorated and several things need replacing and sorting out. I have decided I need to make a plan, fix a budget and visualise the changes I want to happen. I want to be really focussed and realistic  as I want to try and achieve this whole house makeover within the next year.

Are you ready for my whistle stop tour? (Don’t worry the house isn’t that big.)


Front door

It’s shabby and plasticity and  in it’s place I dream of a pillar box red wooden front door with a brass knocker, just like the one below.  I think it would make me smile every time I came home and I think when it comes to selling a door like this this would be a really big plus. So welcoming.



More storage would help but this room is looking good now And with new white walls and engineered wood flooring it would look amazing.  I would go for the engineered wood in this room as it gets really warm and this wood works particularly well in rooms that get hot. The only furniture l it needs is a new chair (I think the black one is looking dated) and some blinds.




Our lounge needs a repaint from pale yellow to bright white. The sofas are okay but I would like to buy new covers for them. The carpets (and this is where I would get a bit extreme) need to be thrown away and I would just love the whole downstairs of my house to have wooden floor. I think it would update the house immediately and give it a real quality look. At the moment we have carpets, laminate and wood flooring downstairs and a unified flooring would really improve the current, mismatched look.

I love his coffee wood flooring..can you imagine it against bright white walls?

Image from Nexus Flooring


As well as new flooring the hall just needs a repaint from magnolia to white. The photos on display  would go into matching frames.


The walls could do with a repaint, the cupboards too and the cooker needs a really deep clean!  I love the table and chairs and my appliances are all fine. A new clock in a lovely white wood would really compliment the scheme.


We need a new bath panel and new taps and a towel rail in here. A bathroom vanity would really help us with our clutter problems too. We also need the room painting white again I think!

My son’s bedroom

Oh my goodness I cannot bring myself to show you this room it is a disaster . Full of clutter and his chest of drawers is broken, the bed is uncomfortable, the book are rickety. These all need addressing and replacing. There are holes we need to fill above the curtain rail too. It also needs a major declutter and he needs new bedding. This room is going to be an expensive one to makeover!

Our bedroom

Our bedroom decor is pretty lovely as it is. But, we do need a new bed..ours is really badly broken. We also need a new light shade and a new blanket box.


Love this light from Lumens

We also just just need to get the exercise bike moved out of there to a better place and sort out the stuff stored under the bed.

I would like to replace the carpet as its been there a long time. But I am not sure about wooden flooring in a bedroom, so maybe new carpet or a really good carpet clean?

My daughter’s bedroom

Little to be done in here the room just needs painting and her blind replacing. Hurray!

And that’s it…

So lots of jobs to do (mainly de-cluttering) and lots of painting (which we can do ourselves,.) This will all just take time and energy.

But we also need to purchase a  few pieces of new furniture and accessories, new wooden flooring and some new blinds.  I think I’d better get saving.

It feels good to have a plan though – even if it is rather a mammoth to do list now!





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    very goood

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