Redesigning your Room with Elegant Blinds

Have you considered redesigning your room with elegant blinds?

Since the discovery and the first use of different kinds of window treatments, curtains have always had prominence in most homes anywhere we might be. We just could not get tired of wanting to have a beautiful flow of curtain fabrics at home, especially when they are designed and coloured in the best way possible that is also in line with our preference.

However, not all homeowners love the sight of curtains; others regard it as high-maintenance, and they just could not bear how time-consuming it might get when it’s time to clean them. Yet, not all homeowners may know it, but there is still another window treatment that they can get for their windows — these are roman blinds.

Elegant Blinds

Roman blinds are great for those who do not want to have too much fabric for their homes. It is the kind of treatment that appears minimal yet also a good essential so you can still have that privacy and have control over the amount of light that gets inside your homes. Roman blinds may appear obsolete, but it is a perfect pair for your windows so you can still have a classic look for them.

However, most roman blinds are made out of plastic, wood, or thin fabrics these days. Still, you can have roman blinds with different curtain fabrics that are also sustainable, so you won’t have to worry about too much fabric use for your windows.

There are various types of roman blinds you can find; you can either choose from flat, hobbled, pleated London, and relaxed roman blinds for easier reference. In this way, you can still achieve the fabric kind of window treatment, but more and easier control over how much fabric must drape.

Yet again, we don’t want the unnecessary fabric to inhibit our window covers as it requires so much effort to maintain.


Flat Roman Elegant Blinds

Flat roman blinds are a style wherein the fabric drapes neatly while achieving a flat look for your fabrics. It creates pleats below your blind when adjusted to still be able to showcase the design and colours of your roman blinds for better aesthetics. Due to having panels at the bottom of the blind only, it is perfectly paired with patterned velvet, damask, and brocade fabrics so your design would not get disrupted by many panels. It is good when you want to have a bit of sophistication for your window treatments that can last long.

Elegant Blinds

Hobbled Roman Blinds

This type of roman blind typically has several panels in between your curtain fabrics and gives more depth to your windows. The Hobbled roman blind creates visually piled pleats and they go on top of each other to make it look thicker and deeper at the same time. This blind can also be paired well with deeper shades of colours to provide a shadow effect once the pleats are adjusted and go on top of each other.


Pleated London Roman Blinds

Once used during the classical era, Pleated London Roman Blinds have a unique feature above all other blinds out there. It is characterized as a roman blind without having pleats but only goes with strings on each side so your blinds can create an inverted arch below once adjusted. It can also be designed with tassels below them, creating a traditional yet post-modern look to your interiors for classic window treatment at home. You can try getting velvet fabrics in deep colours and you’ll be amazed how it transcends your room atmosphere into some fabric that’s dramatic and elegant.


Relaxed Roman Blinds

Relaxed Roman Blind is somehow a combination of both the Pleated London and the Flat Roman Blind. Instead of strings being sown on each side of the blind, this type only incorporates them at the bottom to make it look flat when fully draped yet also create an inverted arch when adjusted. It is also a neat blind which makes it great for those who only want something minimal for their window treatments.

Elegant Blinds

There are still many types of roman blinds you can find in stores. Yet, it should be basic to know what fabric to accompany them for a better-looking blind with a purpose. You can always try patterned and designed fabrics or you can even go for plain coloured ones. It is always to your preference what you think looks best to achieve a better interior at home.


One way to make your windows more appealing for your homes is to have roman blinds for them. You can even choose from various fabrics and designs so you have the freedom to choose what’s good and right for your window covers. Roman blinds always set a mood of tidiness while still achieving that sophistication so you can get away from that seemingly boring window cover that you want to move on from.


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