All I want for Christmas

Guest post from national debtline

They say there are gifts that money just can’t buy…and at National Debtline we wholeheartedly agree!

But it’s easier said than done, and in reality it can be all too easy, and tempting, to overspend at Christmas – it’s a time associated with over indulgence. The phrase ‘because it’s Christmas’ can absolve you for anything – from an extra mince pie to buying the children the best toy in the shop.

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Present pressure
Our research showed that almost one in four people are feeling under pressure to overspend at Christmas – with that pressure coming from things like children, partners and relatives, and Black Friday and similar promotions.

This year we estimate that more than 17 million people will be borrowing money to pay for Christmas presents – and more worrying still, nearly a quarter of people will be turning to credit to pay for Christmas food.

All of this could make for a miserable January for some households, as the usual bills come in combined with paying off extra Christmas spending.


So this year National Debtline’s Christmas campaign celebrates thoughtful gifts, and #MakingChristmasCount – from IOUs to a hand-knitted scarf – presents that are extra special but don’t come with a hefty price tag, We hope our ideas will households avoid overspending and falling into financial difficulty in January.
Every day until 24th December, a new video will be released on the Making Christmas Count page on our website, featuring National Debtline staff donning their best festive get-up and sharing their ideas. So far ideas have included making a mix tape, creating a family recipe book, and handmade decorations, and there are plenty more to come. The page also includes our top tips for staying on top of finances over the festive season.

Check out our ideas on Twitter and Facebook and share your own using #MakingChristmasCount, and give something you won’t find on a 3 for 2 promotion this year.

Help is always available
Don’t forget – if you are worried about your finances now, in January, or at any point throughout the year, National Debtline offers free advice and resources to help you deal with your debts. You can speak to our advisers over the phone, through the website and via webchat.


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  1. October 31, 2016 / 16:11

    Allways over spend at xmas :-/

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