Do your Kids Play with Sylvanian Families?

Have you seen the new Sylvanian Families Christmas Set?

Chri set

It is so cute. My daughter is such a  big fan I know she would love to get this under the tree….Itomes with Freya Chocolate Rabbit, wearing her special Santa-style dress and Christmas ear-hat and it includes a star-topped tree and cute matching sparkly decorations in a variety of shapes from snowflakes to booties.And there are gifts included too – a selection of wrapped parcels to put under the tree and a mini Cosy Cottage, bunny and car. The pack includes festive cards and room decorations!

Lise is a huge Sylvanian fan we have the campervan already and it is so well played for …now she is after the Sylvanian Families Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop which is just SO cute.
I think she likes making up stories with the characters and can easily play with them with her friends and of course the sets can keep being added too.

icecream shop

Ther eis something special about Sylvanians.

Penny Alexander from the A Residence Blog  says:

Our Sylvania caravan and car was one of my children’s most played with toys and even though they are a little older now, we still have the odd Sylvanian character around, and they are treasured – there is something so timeless about them.

I totally agree, these are toys that will never go out of fashion.

Do your kids play with Sylvanians?


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