Amy’s Kitchen: Great food for Vegetarians

Amy’s kitchen isn’t a new brand to me.

I have been a vegetarian for 31 years (yes I know…blimey !) With Amy’s kitchen all the food they make is veggie no meat no shellfish, no fish, poultry or eggs and they use no animal rennet. Fantastic. It’s a brand I feel I can really trust as a vegetarian. Here’s what is great about this lovely family brand…

The food is made by hand using simple ingredients.

It has great home-cooked flavour

It uses fresh natural locally sourced ingredients

and it accommodates lots of special diets.

We tried a few of the soups. My husband loved the Hearty French Country Soup best of all and said it was like a complete meal. It contains 3 of your 5 a day! along with red rice and lots of yummy french herbs. Gorgeous. The other soups were equally hearty and the Spanish rice and red bean was just gorgeous. Their soups are all vegan, dairy and gluten-free.

We also tried some of the frozen food and really enjoyed it . The lasagne went down a treat and the rice mac & cheese was loved by my kids. Next on my list of Amy’s kitchen meals to try are the burritos. MMM!  I love burritos.

Such a good range of delicious healthy veggie food!

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