Are you SAHM or dad needing some extra work?

Before my children started school I looked at lots of ways to earn extra money form home and I even tried a few.

I taught baby sign language and bought the franchise for my local area. This involved teaching classes one morning a week with my baby on my knee. I would do online surveys and dallied a little with mystery shopping. I used to buy books at car boot sales and list them on amazon to sell. I would take all our used baby items and eBay them.

The baby signing was fairly lurative but the rest was little bit hit and miss.

Looking back I wish I had been a bit more dynamic about finding out what was out there. Blogging can be a way to make a few pennies and I wish I had discovered it earlier! Writing is something I love to do and it is a lot warmer and drier than a car boot sale. Writing and selling ebooks is a great way to make money if you have a PC and selling your wares via the internet gets increasingly easy.

I know a clever lady who restores vintage items, showcases them on her blog and pop link straight through to  Etsy where she sells them.

Many people /Most people have access to the Internet and it is a real asset if you are trying to earn money whilst your little one naps or when they are in bed. Needs must and I think generations of stay at home parents have had to do a little something or other workwise to make ends meet.

Takenote Typing is a transcribers service where you be paid to type up audio perhaps form a telephone call or market research group. A job for a speedy accurate typist! A friend of mine sold children’s books, I have provided my storytelling services. Another friend of mine did some evening cleaning.

Lots of people I know offer  freelancing versions of jobs they used to do e.g mobile hairdressing, or private tutoring instead of working in a salon and teaching.

I think you need to be flexible, creative, driven and prepared to try something new when you want to stay full time at home with the kids but make a little money too.

Good luck to you!





  1. January 10, 2013 / 19:05

    I’ve done a parcel delivery job, a cold-calling job asking people to complete surveys, I’ve sold stuff on ebay and I’m an Avon lady. None have made me a living or worked out.
    I REALLY want to do freelance journalism – considering I was a newspaper journalist before I had my sons, but even that is highly competitive and I only manage to sell articles sporadically.
    I have friends who clean houses (but I’m allergic to housework – honest!) and I even know a Dad who does the deliveries for a local Chinese takeaway.
    My friend runs a catering van (you know those greasy spoon types which do burgers and fried breakfast for the workmen?) and is offering me cash in hand to go and work for her on Saturdays.
    So I’m almost 40 and getting a Saturday job!

    • Becky
      January 11, 2013 / 20:11

      Good for you Donna!!

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