Autumn Interiors Trends on a Budget

Autumn Interiors Trends on a Budget

Regular readers will know how much I love my home and love to keep it fresh and warm and inviting. I do not like to waste money though so as far as possible I like to keep my home design and interior projects properly on budget. There are 3 design trends this Autumn that really stand out to me. Not oversized florals on my walls though- yikes – that would just give me a big old headache!


Autumn Interiors Trends on a Budget


I have been perusing the home and interior magazines and reading a few blogs and I  have realised there are a rather a huge variety of design trends being touted as ‘hot’ this season. I don’t prescriptively follow trends but I do like to see what is out there and take inspiration. The 3 trends I am probably most excited about include Navy, Simplicity and Folk. These are probably the most low key of this seasons trends which suit me best and are most natural to my style. I have been having a look at how I can incorporate these into my home on a budget.

Navy Walls

painting their walls black and dark grey a year or two ago I just thought no no how depressing. I have to concede their impact was dramatic and often very effective but I think I would have struggled to live with it. Classic Navy is another matter though and with white bullnose skirting and wooden floors, I think it would work well in my home and look super smart. I have so many blue clothes too I would coordinate well in my home!

 I need to head over to C & W Berry and stock up on decorating supplies. This is one trend I could easily pull off on a budget. Even my DIY skills can manage some painting and having the rollers, ladders overalls etc required is an investment in future projects. There really is no need to hire a decorator. With a bit of practice you really will get good at this!




I love that simplicity is a trend this season as it has got to be the cheapest trend to pull off. A massive declutter, push your furniture back against the walls, hide your nick nacks and take a few things away and that’s it. job done, with no money spent, What I really like about a minimalist interior is that it always feels spacious and light and often we see this more of a summer look than obe for the colder months. But I think when it is dark outside a spacious and airy interior is a lovely thing.




I am not a massive lover of patterns on walls but on fabrics and soft furnishings such as cushions or blankets or even on rugs I feel they can add a really nice element of detail. Folk-inspired handcrafted homewares can add texture and interest to another wise really pared-down look in your home this season. I quite fancy a big embroidered folk-inspired blanket to go over a white duvet. Or perhaps a large floor cushion with folksy detail that is both decorative and cosy. Just a couple of key pieces will do, you really don’t need much, but they will add some real beauty and charcter to your home and soften it.



So a lovely, trend inspired Autumn interior upgrade can be yours inexpensively and quite simply.




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