How to be the Best Landlord Possible

The rising demand for rental properties means that buying to let has become a very popular option for those who want to supplement their income, or simply live off the profits of their properties. If you are lucky enough to have a second property, it’s definitely worth considering letting this out to tenants. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you’re the best possible landlord and your property attracts the kind of tenants that you’re most interested in housing.

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Fix It Up

All landlords want their tenants to treat the rented property with respect and care. However, you can’t expect tenants to do this if the property isn’t in a condition that the occupant can be proud of when they move in. The way your property looks will set the precedent for how your tenant treats it. This means that you need to put work into it before you even list it as available for rent. The exterior of the property should be tidy, with any bushes or shrubs in the front garden neatly clipped and the grass mowed. The front door and window frames should have a fresh coat of paint, and the house name or number should be clearly visible.

Furnishing the Property

Some landlords are tempted to furnish their rental properties as cheaply as possible, to keep costs down and because they anticipate things getting broken. This is rather self-defeating, as cheap furnishings don’t last and are more likely to get damaged and need replacing than good quality items. You don’t have to kit out the property in a decadent manner, but it helps to buy long-lasting furniture that will still look smart even after years of use. If you’re considering letting out your property, you should also look into getting landlord’s insurance for the property’s contents. To find out more, contact a specialist broker such as UKinsurancenet.

Your Availability

The best landlords are those who promptly respond to enquiries and fix anything that has been damaged within a week of it being reported. You will find yourself attracting a more diligent and professional class of tenant if you are active in your role as landlord and keep in touch with your tenants regularly. Those who rent pass on information to their friends and acquaintances regarding who the best landlords are and which to avoid. If you want to build up a good reputation for yourself, make sure you respond to queries and questions in a timely fashion and never leave repairs until the last possible minute. No tenant wants to live in a property where things are broken or the basic amenities don’t function correctly.

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