Better Health and Wealth – Five Great Habit Changes Towards Both

Better health and wealth


Better Health and Wealth – Five Great Habit Changes Towards Both

It doesn’t need to be a New Year’s resolution to kick-start a healthy eating, diet and exercise plan. If your ambition is to lose weight, stop smoking or to get more exercise, there are so many easy ways to reach your goals, even if you’re on a budget.

Cheap healthy meals
It’s hard to eat healthily on a shoestring, especially when you work full time. When you come home, you’ll want (and need!) something quick and simple to make the most of the small amount of time you have to relax. Try threading onion, pepper, courgettes and mushrooms and quorn onto wooden skewers then add garlic, salt and pepper to any sauce you have to hand. BBQ or hoi sin works best, but even a sachet of dipping sauce will do. Then bake it all in the oven for 20 minutes and serve on a bed of rice. You can make them with anything in your fridge; it’s healthy, cheap and easy.

Cut out the booze
A lot of people reach for a glass and a bottle of wine to unwind when they come home from work. A small glass of wine can contain around 100 calories and a pint of lager contains 250. It’s important not to associate stress with alcohol. Try going for a run instead, or pour a camomile tea to calm your nerves after a long day. It will knock hundreds of calories off your diet every week— your head will feel clearer too!

Get plenty of sleep
Research shows that people who manage to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night have better mental and emotional wellbeing then people who struggle to get enough sleep. If you suffer from poor sleeping patterns, try a warm bath before bed and avoid watching television or working on a laptop in the run up to bedtime, to let your mind switch off and prepare itself for sleep. Investing in some good bedding could also be the answer to your problems. National Sleep Foundation statistics show that 93% of people think having the right mattress can be the answer to a good night’s sleep.

Workout at home
Gym memberships are pricey, there’s no denying that, but there are plenty of options for working out at home 100% free of charge. Why not try one of the many workout DVDs on the market to help you get active in a way that fits in around your lifestyle and the type of activity which keeps you motivated. Alternatively, why not create an at home circuit for yourself? 20 minutes a day will do it, you can do push ups on the sitting room floor, tricep dips using the edge of the sofa and squats using a kitchen chair to modify the movement if you need support. Once you get started, you can create a workout plan for yourself so you don’t get bored.

Smoke free zone
If you’re trying to quit smoking, why not try an e-cigarette? They can help curb your cravings- both for nicotine and the common issue of your hands feeling displaced. Most brands offer a starter kit, containing your chargeable e-cigarette, one or two refills and a USB charger (so you can charge it on the go!) All you have to do is buy more refills as you need them. It’s better for you and your wallet will thank you for it too!

Remember, take it one day at a time, whether you have decided to stop drinking, smoking or eating too much. It’s better to do it slowly then go cold turkey. This method has better success rates.






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  1. April 1, 2015 / 12:57

    Brilliant post and tips Becky!

    I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently and in March cut out any type of alcohol completely. I didn’t drink much anyway (a few beers at the weekend and the odd glass of wine with dinner) but going all month without has not only saved me money but I feel better for it as well.

    For April I’m carrying on the no booze but I’m also cutting out white bread, sugar and white pasta – three things I love but I know will have huge benefits by going without.

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