Simple Ratatouille Recipe

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This Simple Ratatouille Recipe comes from the lovely Rebecca at Here Come the Girls blog . It’s colourful, healthy and a great way to mop up those leftovers!  Thanks, Rebecca !

(If you have a budget recipe to share please do drop me a comment below)   

When I think of traditional French recipes I think of decadent rich sauces, lashings of cream and chocolate, gateaux, croissants and red wine. Luxurious to eat and complicated to prepare. Normally I would jump at the chance for that kind of cooking but after the excesses of easter and about of the flu – what we all need is simple food full of vegetables.

In the middle of all the lavish french recipes is Ratatouille – a dish made completely of vegetables which somehow ends up more than the sum of its parts. Wholesome and nutritious – with nearly a whole days portions of vegetables.

Of course, if you want to serve it with a large glass of red and some buttered baguette – that’s up to you!


Simple Ratatouille Recipe


Simple Ratatouille Recipe

Fry the onion in some garlic and olive oil until golden.

Add the courgette, aubergine and pepper and continue to cook for a few minutes

Stir in the chopped tomato, vinegar and honey. Simmer over a low heat for about 30 minutes.

Sprinkle with chopped basil. Serve with rice and some fresh baguette

Molly really enjoyed helping to prepare the vegetables for this recipe. Her chopping skills are improving and the pieces were more even in size.

She also liked to get everything ready for the meal – buttering bread, putting out table mats and cutlery and getting her sisters seated.


The twins enjoyed eating it!

Bon Appetite!



I do hope you enjoyed this Simple Ratatouille Recipe – let me know if you try it!  You might also like a read of my food storage tips



Why not enjoy it with a cranberry mocktail?


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