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As the winter nights draw in, it’s hard not to think about the sunshine and our next family holiday.  As exciting as trawling websites for holiday ideas is, the thought of a budget-busting family holiday can be just as overwhelming.  Don’t worry; with a bit of thought ahead of time you can find a family holiday which won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Finding accommodation

With soaring airline prices and bad currency conversion, a family holiday abroad is becoming more and more expensive.  Travelling abroad can be hard for younger children and many find it difficult to adjust to the heat.  Staying in the UK is a much more budget-friendly option especially if you choose self-catering accommodation.  Plus, wherever you live in the UK there are wonderful destinations just a couple of hours from home.  At www.sykescottages.co.uk you can view more than 3,500 self-catering cottages in the UK and Ireland and start planning your next great value for money break.  Choose a cottage by the sea for a traditional seaside holiday or perhaps accommodation in a National Park for stunning countryside on your doorstep.

Plan ahead

To save time as well as money, do your grocery shopping before you set out.  If you’re travelling more than a few hours from home either take a cool box or stock up on chilled items when you arrive.  Work out what you’ll cook each night just as you would at home and think about making picnics when you go out for the day.  The money you save by not eating out at different attractions will normally pay for the entrance fee; it really is a no brainer!

Day trips

As soon as you’ve chosen your holiday destination, start thinking about what you’ll do each day.  A good tip for the budget-conscious is to intersperse days out at unmissable attractions with free outings to the beach.  Make the most of the internet and use voucher sites to find good deals for the places you want to visit.  Some attractions offer discounted tickets for booking online or in advance.  If you choose a cottage in Anglesey, for example, you can save money on lots of local attractions in the area. Use the money you save for a meal out on your last night or let the kids choose a treat from the gift shop.

By following our suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a fantastic family holiday next summer.  With glossy travel brochures of exotic destinations it is often easy to overlook the UK.  Staying closer to home can open up new places which you return to year after year for lifelong family memories.

Photo attribution: www.sykescottages.co.uk/cottage/Anglesey


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