10 benefits of UK cottage holidays

I love to travel.

I love to take my little family and really get a way form it all. No one knocking on the door, normal activity left behind, No work at all for a few days or even a week or two. It is so good for the soul to just leave it all behind  and have some lovely time together.

But oh my goodness holidays can be stressful can’t they! One of the least stressful types of holiday I have ever taken is a cottage holiday here in the UK. Original cottages have some beautiful options if you are feeling inspired to explore this as a holiday option too.

There are many reasons why I think UK holidays are just perfect holidays for families. They have so many benefits:


Let me tell you a few of my favourites:

  1. Travel time. Once a year we go abroad and book out a week to do so. Often we lose about a day (sometimes even longer) just travelling. we have to drive to and park at the airport. We have to get through security, locate a car or transfer at the other end and then find where we are staying. On our way back we have to do all this again. This is so  time consuming. Jumping in the car/train and heading to a UK holiday cottage is just so much simple and you save so much time.
  2. You can self cater – as a family of vegetarians his makes life so much easier for us. Cottages tend to have supplies in the kitchen like salt and pepper etc. You can also pack as much stuff as you want as you generally drive. Very good for a child with allergies because you can do your own food. This can also save a lot of money on eating out! A lot! You can also eat when you want if you self cater and are not so restricted as you might be in an hotel or if you need to use restaurants.  It is also much easier to cater for a child who is a fussy eater – you can have exactly the same brand of yogurt, sausages, etc. as at home.
  3. Family and friends can visit  you in your holiday or you could even hire one big cottage and stay together. This creates the opportunity for making some very special memories together and is so much easier to coordinate in the UK.
  4. There is more flexibility of larger families in a cottage than for expaple in a hotel where rooms tend to fit just 2 or 4 and sleeping arrangements can get complicated. You can also stay up when the kids go to bed and this is a big plus.
  5. Space is really important to our family and my children need their own rooms now. I also like to have moment s of peace away form everyone. A cottge holidays enables you to have so much more space than an apartment , a tent, a youth hostel or a hotel. This ensures you dont end up cramped, you can take with you just what you need and you dont all get on each other s nerves!
  6. The options are endless.  You can pick a holiday cottage to suit your holiday dreams whether that includes a hot tub, proximity to a beach,a  garden, a BBQ near places of interest etc. There are cottages of every kind available throughout the UK.
  7. You can just go. As a last minute option UK holidays are so much easier. You dont need to worry about passports and medical cards,changing your money or insurance being up to date, you can literally grab your stuff and go knowing you can take with you all you need. here are some tips on how to keep kids entertained on car journeys  that may prove useful.
  8. The lack of stress involved in just jumping in your car and heading to your destination cannot be underestimated. travelling abroad can make you stressed before you even arrive with rental cars, passport control and travelling at funny times
  9. The UK is stunning; a beautiful,varied, gorgeous landscape with so much to do and see it. It is well worth celebrating and exploring. Have a peek at Visit Britain for a host of fabulous things to do across the UK
  10. Money. You can spend an absolute fortune travelling abroad, buying food in expensive restaurants,  and on exchange rates and insurance. A cottage can work out a great value holiday option.

UK cottage holidays


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  1. October 11, 2017 / 23:30

    I love this post, there are so many wonderful places to visit in the UK that sometimes the extra stress of heading abroad with young children isn’t always worth it. I find that when we book to stay in the UK it takes me so much longer to choose a cottage because I want to make sure it offers everything we could want from a holiday. We have just booked a holiday for next year, it’s only an hour and a half away from were we live, yet it is perfect for us & I cannot wait to spend a week in a beautiful cottage with the family.

  2. November 14, 2017 / 09:00

    Wow! I travel every year. I make a point to go away during winter as it is so cold in London. But I think packing some warm clothes and going around the UK itself would never hurt. I can try to get my friends to tag along!

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