Buyers Guide 2018:The Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Your Home Design

Memory foam mattresses are a great solution for your mattress needs. Made of a material called ‘viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam’ or ‘Low-resilience Polyurethane Foam’ (LRPu), these mattresses offer significant value to the sleeper.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses


They provide a number of benefits, including but not limited to the following;

  • More durability
  • Unbelievable pain relief and prevention
  • Incredible back and spine alignment support
  • Excellent accommodation for different sleep positions
  • Significant dust mite avoidance
  • Perfect fit for adjustable beds
  • Great ease of maintenance

Memory foam mattresses come in different shapes and styles to suit different home designs. Each mattress design is suitable for a particular home design. When shopping, therefore, it is imperative that you know how to choose the correct mattress. It is the only way you can be sure that you will enjoy all the benefits that these types of mattresses offer and get the best value for your money. According to,


Here are some key factors to consider when shopping:

1. Overall Thickness

Every memory foam mattress comes with thickness information apart from size. Thickness is a crucial factor to take into account due to several reasons. For instance, depending on the type of bed that you have, you may want a mattress that is thick with a higher depth (to raise the height of your low bed). If not, you may need a mattress that’s relatively thin and flexible (to suit your adjustable bed).

2. Firmness Level/Density

Density is another key factor to consider when shopping for a suitable memory foam mattress. Density describes how tightly the mattress material is compacted. To determine the right density, look at how the material reacts to the weight and pressure exerted on it. How does it feel when you lay on it? Is it hard enough to support your weight without shrinking too much or is it too soft and shrinks too much? A good quality memory foam mattress should feel hard and comfortable at the same time and not too soft to withstand your weight. Too soft means the mattress will not be able to adjust well to the contours of your body or to support your weight comfortably, hence you will not get much value from your mattress.

3. Type of Memory Foam Used

There are 3 types of memory foams used to make these special mattresses. These are traditional memory foam, air cool memory foam and gel memory foam. While each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, gel is usually the best choice as it offers more comfort, more joint pain relief as well as support and more accommodation for different sleep positions.


Memory foam mattresses are the most preferred mattress choice since they offer the best value for money. With one, you will enjoy a comfortable sleep every night. Selecting the right memory foam mattress, however, can be a difficult process for many buyers. Many different types of mattresses are available out there, confusing even the more. By paying attention to the factors above, however, you will not be overwhelmed by the process no matter what.


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    Amazing, I love your post you have mentioned key factors to consider while buying mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are the most beautiful mattress. It comes with more durability & comfort. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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